I found several companies, the most interested in the company is YK NES. First of all, they position themselves as competent lawyers who have won a bunch of cases for which, supposedly, other companies will not even undertake. We started to work and made an advance payment, after sending the first application, which by the way I did not see, the manager told me that I had received a refusal from the bank and they couldn’t do anything else, they couldn’t return my money. all good impressions of the company evaporated

A bunch of different sites come out on request, for example yuk NES reviews come out

  1. allchargebacks.ru- exists since October 2018, but in such a short period of time 30 million dollars of money returned and 3,000 people who were helped but not a single live review on the site. It is also indicated on the site that the company receives 200 calls every day. It is simply not possible to physically handle such a number of people with a staff of 25 people, they have to work around the clock.
  2. anti-broker.rf – 2 months of existence on the site it is indicated that 11 years of work experience
  3. How-to-get-money-back-from-a-broker-scammer-has been in existence for only 20 days.
  4. allchargebacks-ufo.ru
  5. chargebacks.ru

Having left a request on several sites, I made sure that they call from the same number 74997034001, and allchargebacks.ru and anti-broker.rf from here I concluded that all these sites are associated with the fraudulent organization NES

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