Luna LLC: money refund to the card from brokers

On the website you can order a service of support for the return of funds transferred from a bank card. For this, a chargeback is used. This is a relatively new tool. Its task is to protect against fraudsters, including unscrupulous brokers.
But few people know about chargeback. The common people, many employees and even heads of the banking sector do not have information. This makes the procedure even more difficult. You need to correctly fill out an application, prepare evidence and negotiate with financial institutions, which in most cases are set to refuse. These are the problems that Luna Law Firm helps to solve.

Where does cooperation begin?

To use the services provided by, you need to make sure that:
Less than 540 days have passed since the transfer.
Funds were transferred from a Visa card.

It is not necessary to enter the query “Show e-mail address of YuK Luna”. It is enough to go to the site and submit an application. First, a consultation is scheduled. If the client is satisfied with the terms of cooperation, a service agreement is signed.
Luna LLC does not work for free. Therefore, ordering chargeback support is profitable when the amount of the return is 100 thousand rubles. and more.

What Unicorn Chargeback Does

He is engaged in the preparation of evidence for contacting the bank and starting the proceedings. Since financial institutions are negative about refunds due to the complexity of this procedure, the result is an unjustified refusal. They provide monotonous excuses that sound convincing only to the uninformed. Only a powerful evidence base will help to defend your interests.
The next step of the specialists of YUK LUNA is an attempt to peacefully settle the case with the broker, because this is the fastest way to return the funds. Many of them are skeptical about the requirements and ignore them. But the situation changes when the application goes to the bank. After that, threatening calls may start. representatives use them as evidence of fraud.
This is followed by an appeal to the bank. It is always compiled individually, taking into account all the specifics of the situation. This eliminates most of the loopholes that banks use. After all, their task is to make every effort to prevent the chargeback procedure from taking place.
To get a refund, you need to know the Visa regulations. The application is submitted in English, as the system requirements do not provide any other options. The fact that it will be drawn up by professionals who know all the legal nuances is the main advantage of accompanying a chargeback.
Banks can close disputes. But Luna promises to work up to a 100% return, uses a rich set of legal tools to interact with financial institutions.

How long does it take to get a chargeback refund

Minimum – 22 days. But due to opposition from other parties, the procedure may take several months. The average duration from the moment of signing the service agreement until the refund is 1.5-2 months.

How many transactions does the chargeback service cover?

Any number of transactions can be returned in one call (if there is evidence that they are fraudulent). If she is not alone, the money will be returned gradually.


As part of the work on the case, a manager is assigned to each client. Its task is to inform about progress through SMS messages, to answer questions at any time.

What you need to know

To provide services, a notarized power of attorney is required. Otherwise, the bank will not accept the chargeback application. It is enough for the client to describe the problems that have arisen, provide supporting information, conclude an agreement and wait for the result.
Yuk Luna helps to recover large sums. Experts cope, even when it comes to millions of rubles.

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