Why do traders register on xdirect.ua. Leave feedback about the broker on our website.

Choosing the right broker will help to avoid deception and non-market risks associated with fraud on his part. You need to pay attention:
On the terms of service.
Associated costs.
The number of tools available.
Convenience of trading.
Income options.
More and more traders prefer xDirect. This broker has minimum spreads (fixed and floating) and competitive swaps. It offers trades from 0.01 lot. Therefore, even with minimal capital, you can create a versatile portfolio.
The order execution speed is 200 ms. This suggests that the money goes directly to liquidity providers. That is, they will not be left to rotate inside the broker to trade against you. And flexible leverage allows you to earn even more.

Choose an account

There are two of them on xdirect.ua – Electron and USD. Both give you access to all trading options and tools. The difference lies in the features of the service.
Let’s consider each account in more detail. Let’s start with Electron.

Now let’s talk about USD.

Associated costs

The broker creates comfortable conditions for trading: it does not charge commissions and hidden fees. An exception is made only for the Electron account. And then only if the money is withdrawn to the wrong payment system from where the deposit was replenished. Then you need to pay 5% of the completed transaction.

Number of tools available

XDirect has over 100 of them:
Over 50 currency pairs.
30 stock indices.
20 kinds of raw materials.
What does it give:
Diversification. You can form a portfolio of assets, the prices of which do not depend on each other. Therefore, even if one or several positions bring losses, the rest of the trades can remain profitable.
Flexibility against the background of the current market situation. If one of the directions becomes unprofitable, the instruments presented in it can be replaced with others.
Individuality of choice. Traders can delve into the specifics of forecasting quotes for different instruments. And then use the assets that you know best.
All instruments presented on xDirect are volatile and have an affordable cost. They are well suited to those whose capital is considered small in comparison to large companies and global markets.

Convenient trading. Read reviews.

On xdirect.ua they trade 24/5 through 5 platforms:
MetaTrader. The main terminal chosen by most of the forex traders in the world. It’s comfortable, safe, flexible. Suitable for the simultaneous trading of different instruments in manual and automatic modes using algorithms.
MT Mobile. A version for smartphones with support for access to a desktop terminal account.
xStation Mobile. A program for tablets and smartphones with flexible, convenient functionality.
Web Terminal MT. Browser platform. You don’t need to download and install it on your PC or laptop for trading. You can work directly on the broker’s website.
xStation. Browser version of Metatrader with convenient settings and various graphical analysis tools.
For social trading, they suggest using xSocial. You can choose between two roles. Become a trader whose trades are copied by less experienced market players and receive additional income. Or as a trading participant: select a trader whose positions will be duplicated on your account. This will provide an opportunity to receive stable passive income.
The xMAM module is an analogue of PAMM. It allows you to manage several accounts at once – a trader and clients connected to it.

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