Wordcoin goes to PRE ICO

Entering the market of a major project has always been an event that excites investors. Therefore, the announcement of the ICO of the global development wordcoin.io and the sale of coins at the initial placement price will be another landmark event in 2017. A total of 10,000,000 WORDCOIN will be issued, and only a fifth will be distributed at the PRE ICO.

The international platform Word Expert (WE) is created for settlements in the combined cryptocurrency WORDCOIN. It will be possible to pay for one of the most relevant services for promoting and managing reputation in the network:

  • Copywriting and rewriting. Writing tests, editing and replicating them.
  • Translations. The exchange operates on the principles of multilingualism, which will attract native speakers.
  • SMM. Attracting social networks and owners of pages, accounts, publics.
  • ORM. Renting pages on target resources and placing dynamic content on them.

Andrey Ustinov, one of the founders of the project, notes that it is promising due to its enormous multiplier effect. The total market capitalization of similar services has reached a quarter of a trillion dollars and continues to grow dynamically. Thanks to decentralization, customers and performers will work directly, which will remove agency fees and reduce transaction costs. As a result, Customers and Contractors will not lose profit. This will attract a huge number of users. The copywriting services market alone is estimated at $ 1.5 trillion. Doll.

How WORDCOIN Platform Works

Brand promotion in search engines now takes a lot of time. It can be reduced to a minimum if you use an integrated approach and simultaneously move in several directions. A huge number of Performers are ready to fulfill orders for the writing and translation of texts. Lots of SMM professionals will be happy to offer their services. Owners of promoted sites are ready to rent out individual pages.

The WORDCOIN project will become a platform where they all meet with the Customer. In this way:

  • Instantly find performers for the most difficult tasks;
  • Texts are quickly translated into the required language;
  • Areas for placement are rented;
  • Links to posted articles are given in social networks.

After that, for several months, there is a continuous increase in the traffic of the resource, the brand awareness and its popularity increase. Every user who wants to know more about him ends up on completely controlled pages. It will be possible to pay for services exclusively in intra-exchange currency.

To launch the project, 70% of the total amount of WORDCOIN is sold. Given the limited volume, there is no doubt that the rate will continue to rise. Therefore, those who manage to become an investor at the initial stage will receive the most benefits.

Investment benefits

Thanks to a well-thought-out development strategy, investors will consistently receive income from several sources at once. WORDCOIN will be provided with real services, the global volume of which is already measured in trillions of dollars.

Only wordcoin is used to pay for work within the system, feedback on its profitability will attract new and new visitors. At the same time, the total amount of currency is limited to 10,000,000. The development strategy provides for:

  • Attracting Contractors and Customers. At the initial stage, it is planned to send up to 30% of the collected funds to the advertising company and PR.
  • Promotion. The WE platform is focused on minimizing transaction costs. If on other exchanges unproductive spending on commissions and transfers is up to 30% of the order amount, then here they will be minimized.
  • Popularity. Cost reduction will attract a huge number of customers from all over the world. This will increase the WORD COIN turnover and create increased demand.
  • Development. After the project gains popularity, its organizers will have 900,000 coins in reserve. This amount will be spent on further development and expansion, which guarantees an even greater inflow of investments and an increase in the exchange rate.

Along the way with the main one, another 30 partner sites will be promoted. Here everyone can rent a page for 100 coins, which at market prices equates to $ 1000. This insurance fund guarantees that the rate never falls below predetermined values. Investors who come to the PRE ICO will receive an additional bonus. It will take place from September 17 to October 17 and in a month will give income of 3% of the invested funds.

One of the project’s advisors, Pavel Burtsev, is confident that it is decentralization that will become the basis of the digital society. The success of cryptocurrencies shows that going to self-regulatory platforms with the principle of payment through blockchains will allow us to see the future in a completely new way.

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