VNC Brokers – Simple Yet Profitable Trading

VNS Brokers has created a comfortable environment for every trader. And our task is to tell about them.


The broker only takes fixed spreads. There are no commissions or hidden fees for opening deals. But if positions go overnight, you need to pay swaps.
VNC Brokers has higher fixed spreads than most brokers. But since there are no other fees, you will not feel undue pressure on your capital.

Trading account

He is one with the same conditions for everyone. This means that a small start-up capital will not interfere with trading.
In the reviews about VNS Brokers and on the broker’s official website, it is said that the clients were divided into individual (that is, traders whose trading volume is less than 500,000 euros) and professional (these are licensed market participants, financial companies, funds). To move from one category to another, you need to trade large volumes for 2.5 years, have more than 12 months of experience in the financial sector and a portfolio of instruments worth at least half a million euros.


It reaches 1 in 400. The trader can choose its size depending on his needs. This width allows you to balance the amount of profit and the level of risk.
VNC Brokers reviewers endorse leverage. Because experienced traders who understand the market well can make money quickly even with a small start-up capital.

Limit on the volume of transactions

The minimum size of an open position is 0.01 lot. The maximum depends on the selected tool. It can reach 400 lots. Who is it suitable for:
For beginner traders. With a small capital, you can open several trades to diversify your risks.
Large players. They get the opportunity to open high volume trades and use all the money, even if there are a lot of them. Therefore, experienced and wealthy players can earn the maximum.

Transactions to and from the account

Traders are unhappy with the limited set of payment systems that can be used to replenish the deposit and withdraw profits. Not a single review of VNS Brokers is complete without criticism. There are really only 4 of them: Visa, Mastercard, SWIFT, MT. The broker does not support electronic payment systems, cryptocurrency wallets, SEPA. It does not yet indicate the size of the commissions that it takes for transactions. According to him, they depend on the costs of servicing the translations.
Criticism pours in the address of the speed of replenishment and withdrawal of money. The first operation can take from 1-2 hours to 5 days. And for the second – 10 days. By the way, money is given exclusively to verified users.

Financial instruments

What does VNC Brokers offer to trade:
Several dozen currency pairs: classic, exotic, cross. This is enough to effectively distribute risks. The advantages of the tool are availability, variety, ease of forecasting.
CFDs generated from stocks, indices, raw materials, government bonds. Therefore, there are differences in the difficulty of predicting quotes. Each trader can choose the type of assets that everyone knows about. The advantages of CFDs are low cost, the ability to make money in any direction of movement of the quotes of a derivative asset, as well as the independence of individual instruments from each other.

Trading platform

All traders who have left a review about VNC Brokers are happy to have a chance to trade in the MetaTrader 5 terminal. It is praised for its speed, excellent data protection, flexibility, and the ability to use external modules and services. It is also well suited for any strategy (from manual opening of trades to algorithmic trading).

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