Any motorist will confirm that no matter how much the car is washed with water with a special shampoo, traces of divorce remain on the surface of the body, and the paintwork loses its original beauty over time. An excellent alternative can be a contactless car wash, a service that is considered relatively young. No brushes damaging the surface of the car, minimum time, low cost, perfectly clean and dry car – we guarantee all this to our car wash customers who choose the contactless car wash service! You sadly remember how your favorite car sparkled and shone in the sun immediately after purchase ? With what pride did you ride it and catch the admiring glances of passers-by and other car owners? Do not be discouraged, the specialists of our company will thoroughly polish the body of your car, remove all microcracks and scratches, smooth out all irregularities and visible defects on the surface of the body. Thanks to their efforts, your car will acquire its original beauty and additional protection from aggressive environmental influences and other external factors.

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