«Vercrypto» is a safe haven for profitable cryptocurrency trading

The main advantage of WerCrypto is that you can safely engage in speculative trading. The broker offers to open one of three accounts: Basic, Gold or Platinum. They differ in the size of the minimum deposit and conditions.
The first account is Basic. It is suitable for novice traders. Since some of them are not very reasonable, there are a number of limitations. Thanks to them, it is impossible to lose everything at once due to ill-conceived deals that were concluded on emotions.
The second account is Gold. It is suitable for experienced traders. There are much fewer restrictions here. The broker decided to make concessions in the hope that the potential owners of this account have learned to assess the risks and think what they are doing.
The third account is Platinum. It was created for those who have amassed capital and want to earn more. That is, the wealthiest players among individuals. There are maximum advantages and the highest level of support from the broker.

Account top up with reservations

There are several of them:
The sender’s details must match those of the account holder. That is, only you can replenish or withdraw money. The broker went to this in order to protect its clients and to prevent money laundering.
The amount transferred from the card to the deposit must be returned to it when the profit is withdrawn. Only then can you send money in other ways.
The broker offers replenishment from credit, debit cards, use of electronic payment systems, as well as bank transfers. In the first three cases, money is transferred instantly. Banks make you wait up to 5 days.

What you need to know about withdrawing profits. Read the reviews on our website.

It takes longer. If you send money to the card, it will take at least 5 days. In the case of a bank transfer, you need to wait from 3 to 10 days.

Workout first

Broker WerCrypto provides training and advice on cryptocurrency trading. It is a new and highly unpredictable tool that is highly demand driven. Therefore, beginners should definitely use a demo account. It will help you understand the mechanisms of trading without risk to capital.
Vercrypto strongly recommends a demo account to experienced market players. They can test their strategies, tactics, new advisors and indicators without fear of incurring catastrophic losses in the event of a mistake.

Diversification for everyone

When you find out that there is only one type of financial instrument on wercrypto.com, you are a little disappointed. The question arises: “How to distribute risks?” Easy when it comes to cryptocurrencies. They are too different, do not depend on specific manufacturers, and their price is formed by demand.
Moreover, WerCrypto offers over a hundred pairs with crypto and fiat currencies. This allows everyone to use a familiar trading style and effectively diversify risks.

When is it really convenient to trade? Your feedback will help newbies.

Are you used to trading from your computer? Or maybe from a smartphone or tablet? The trading software from WerCrypto has several versions that can be synchronized with each other. Therefore, many of the broker’s clients use the desktop version. And when they are far from the computer, they control what is happening from the mobile.
What’s more special about the WerCrypto trading software:
Flexible settings. Dozens of indicators, advisors, scripts are built into it. They are very well optimized to eliminate slow performance.
Algotrading support. To automate trading, you can use your own terminal language when writing algorithms. More than 80% of successful players from all over the world trade this way.
Reliable protection. Data transmission is accompanied by 128-bit encryption. The terminal entrance has several levels of protection.
High speed of work. You can trade without slippage. This means buying and selling at a price you choose yourself.
With the terminal from WerCrypto, trading becomes simple and straightforward.

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  1. никогда больше не стану работать в этой сфере. эта компания мошенники и обманщики! хотят только одного поживится вашими деньгами и все! и больше ничего не хотят делать! все это полная чушь что можно чтото заработать. в веркрипто работают одни шарлатаны!

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