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Unicorn ChargeBack Is the only company today that helps binary and forex investors to make a return of funds lost due to illegal actions of brokerage companies.

More precisely, there are a lot of such services on the network, since there is a demand for them. But most of them are either not sufficiently developed to provide assistance to a large number of clients, or are themselves scammers.

Many traders and investors have been eagerly awaiting the emergence of a large and truly professional company providing assistance in recovering money from scam brokers.


The founder of Unicorn is Andrey Smirnov, who in 2015, just like his current clients, lost his investment in the amount of 2 million rubles due to fraudsters. Since the amount is rather big, Andrey set out to return this money at all costs.

While looking for a way to get money back from a fraudulent broker, his team grew, all the time there were like-minded people with the same goals. So the idea arose to create a company that would help injured investors restore justice and their deposits.

Already in April 2016, the Unicorn Chardjbek Limited Liability Company (Chardjbek LLC) was registered, the founder and CEO of which was Andrei’s wife, Taisiya Aleksandrovna Smirnova.

In November 2016, Nazilya Elkhanovna Nurmamedova was appointed CEO of the company. While Andrey is focused on the strategic development of the company, Nazilya is in charge of managing all current affairs.

All data can be checked by the Federal Tax Service of Russia.


The most optimal way to get money back from a broker is ChargeBack. You can learn more about this service in another article. In short, we will only say that a chargeback is a forced refund of payments in the Visa and MasterCard systems if the broker has deceived you. That is, if you can prove that after payment for any goods or services they were not provided to you or were not provided as agreed, then the paid money can be returned.

It is on the ChargeBack service that Unicorn’s activities are focused, since this method has the greatest probability of a successful return on investment with the least investment of time and effort. As far as we know, fraudulent companies are afraid of chargebacks like fire. And not only because they are losing money that they already thought was theirs.

A large number of refunds on the ChargeBack service in Visa and MasterCard payment systems can lead to significant fines, and even blocking the accounts of a fraudulent broker.


Many readers of this article may have a question: why ask for help (probably not free), if, in principle, you can try to make this chargeback from a broker yourself?

Reasons to contact Unicorn:


You can, of course, try to do the chargeback yourself, but it’s not as easy as it might seem. Firstly, the slightest mistakes in drawing up the application can lead to a refusal. Secondly, banks, oddly enough, will not be on your side, since you are nothing more than an extra job for them.

And Unicorn ChargeBack is 25 trained employees with more than 10,000 successful returns from 350 fraudulent companies and 150 banks. One way or another, all these people will work on your application, many of whom were in your place!


As we have already said, the smallest mistake in drawing up a request for a chargeback from a broker can lead to a refusal to return. In order to correctly draw up a statement, you will have to study a lot of legal materials and it is not a fact that everything will work out! After refusal, you can, of course, try again, but each ChargeBack application is considered for at least 120 days!

Naturally, using the services of Unicorn specialists, the chance to get your stolen money the first time is much higher!


All the same will be said to you by other companies or people involved in helping with refunds. But only with Unicorn you can be sure that real specialists are working on your case. This is confirmed by a huge number of grateful comments on the network. In addition, there are many scammers who only pretend to be specialists.

Do not risk in vain, so as not to embark on the same rake! Contact the time-tested and reputable Unicorn company!


Unicorn ChargeBack is a real opportunity to get your money back! If a broker deceived you and you do not know what to do, then you should not waste time. The sooner you take action, the more chances of a return!


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