American international company from San Francisco, which created the eponymous mobile app to search, call and pay for taxis or private drivers. As of August 2016, the service is available through the application in more than six hundred cities around the world. Using the Uber application, the customer reserves a car with a driver and tracks its movement to the specified point, payment is made using data bank card or cash. In most cases, drivers use their own cars, as well as the cars of taxi companies or partners. In most countries, 80% of the payment goes to the driver, 20% goes to Uber.

“The best” for the best

The American service for online calling a taxi from the very start has taken a high bar, calling itself the proud word “uber”. It translates as “super” or “very”, in a broader sense – something very valuable. This name is fully consistent with the positioning of the company, because Uber – not just a taxi, but a personal driver hiring service that provides the highest quality of services in the best cars.

The clients of the service are most often businessmen and wealthy people who are accustomed to a high class in everything they use. Uber can be a great solution for comfortable travel to the airport, to an important meeting. His cars are able to decorate any important event in life. Car brands used by the service – Mercedes S-class, Maybach 62, Chrysler 300c, BMW 7-Series – are the most prestigious in their class. They make a significant contribution to the passenger’s image.

Uber benefits:

  • a car that provides taxi services as part of the service is not equipped with “checkers”;
  • their drivers are as professional as possible, provide comfort and safety for passengers;
  • payment is made online through a bank card or by SMS, which ensures complete transparency of payments.

All the advantages of Uber were first appreciated by the residents of the United States – these taxis were to the taste of even the most picky users. The excellent condition of the cars, their fast delivery, the ability to call a car using a mobile application – all these factors have made Uber the most popular service among its peers in the United States. Americans are ready to pay 70% more for calling a premium car than for a regular taxi, which indicates a really high quality of services.

Uber is conquering the world. Moscow is already on the list of “cities of availability”

Following its success in North America, the online service began its expansion to other regions of the world. Today Uber operates on six continents, in 26 countries, in 71 cities. Paris, New York, London, Delhi, Tokyo, Melbourne, Bogota, Mexico City, Seoul, Shanghai – this is only a small part of the cities where you can order a personal driver service online. It is noteworthy that the largest expansion of the business took place precisely during the last year. For example, within one week the service was launched in three large cities, including Delhi with a population of 11 million people.

The ability to find a car according to their needs, to pay for a taxi via a smartphone, without resorting to cash, has pleased users all over the world. Not so long ago, Uber appeared in Moscow. You can learn more about this read in the article dedicated to this event. The service was presented and promoted by one of the famous trend-setters in Moscow, Pavel Fage, brother of the founder of the hotel booking service Sergei Fage. Pavel’s energy and creativity, supported by his brother, who knows how to promote online business, can give a good impetus to the development of Uber in our country.

In Russia, tariffs for service will be premium, but not off scale. It would be more accurate to call them “corresponding to quality”. The minimum fare is 199 rubles, per minute – 20 rubles and 10 per kilometer. During peak traffic jams, holidays and weekends, the rate may increase in order to maintain a stable number of free cars. For comparison, the rate for executive cars in London is £ 5 base rate + £ 4 per minute after 10 minutes. The minimum call costs £ 14.

You can download the application for calling a taxi on the official website. After filling out the feedback form, share your personal Uber experience. And also find out the opinion of passengers who have already tried the new service.

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  1. К услуге такси в России не имеет никакого отношения. Действует в рамках законодательства Нидерландов. Реальный разрушитель отрасли такси в целом. Запрещен в своей деятельности в ряде более десятка стран мира.

  2. Очень признателен тем, кто меня привел в Uber в Екатеринбурге. Реальная и достойная подработка оказалась. Начитался сначала негативных отзывов из “прошлого века”, но решил сам проверить что и как. Теперь приглашаю всех друзей и знакомых, рекомендую. Платят исправно, без задержек, много разных бонусов. По-моему в обычных такси зарабатывают в разы меньше.

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