Trans-Star Logistics company

About the organization

Trans-Star is a highly qualified and reliable logistics partner. You can count on the services of this company in any situation: TSL carries out transportation in any conditions and time of the year. This transport and logistics company also provides professional advice in the implementation and management of cargo transportation and logistics processes. TSL services are used by a huge number of clients: both individuals and large companies; they all leave extremely positive reviews about the company.

Company advantages

The company’s services are used by both domestic and foreign partners. This is due to the presence of advantages over competing companies. When ordering services from TSL, the client receives the following benefits:

  • Each client is served individually, taking into account specific requirements
  • Cargo transportation of a wide cargo range
  • Professionalism and reliability of the services provided
  • Affordable prices
  • Favorable conditions, as well as a variety of tariff plans
  • Possibility of preliminary calculation of the cost of a particular service
  • Wide geography of transportation.

What kind of cargo transportation can be carried out?

From Europe to Europe

At the moment, trade with Europe is extremely promising. That is why Trans-Star Logistics provides these services, taking into account many important nuances.

From the CIS and to the CIS

Customers often use this service to transport goods between trading partners of Ukraine. For TSL, this service is one of the priority ones.

Variety of transported goods

TSL is capable of transporting a very wide variety of goods, including the following types:

  • Oversized cargo. These goods cannot be transported by standard transport, therefore this organization uses special transport to carry out transportations at a professional level.
  • Passing loads.
  • Groupage cargo.
  • Perishable goods. TSL transports goods in special containers, which create the conditions required for a particular cargo.

The company has a large-scale vehicle fleet, consisting of various equipment. The company’s transport is designed to transport goods in the range from half a ton (or 16 cubic meters) to 20 tons (or 120 cubic meters).

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