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More often than not, unscrupulous intermediaries leave their clients’ money circulating inside, not allowing it to flow to liquidity providers. This is done to trade against them. But there are several technologies that hinder this activity. For example, NDD. It does not allow the broker to interfere with order execution. Trade12 clients enter and interact with the liquidity provider market directly. This guarantees the safety of their money and minimizes slippage (the difference in price at the moment between pressing the Buy or Sell button and processing the request and then performing the selected action).

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You can open and close positions based on the news. This allows you to quickly respond to changes in the market situation. Scalping is possible. This is one of the most difficult ways to trade, which is why professionals choose it. Transactions are concluded at peak prices of any direction (that is, at the moment of transition from falling to rising and vice versa). This is how the maximum profit is obtained. Automatic trading implementation. Over 80% of all transactions in speculative trading are concluded by robots according to predefined algorithms. Minimal slippage allows them to quickly respond to price changes.

How to start trading

Go to the website, open your personal account and select the type of account. There are four of them. They differ in the size of the deposit and the opportunities they give in return.


The best choice for a beginner player who does not have a large amount of money. To start, you need at least $ 250. Minimum floating spreads – 1.2, maximum – up to 6.5 points.


Deposit – from $ 1000. Floating spots – from 1 to 6 points.


This account is chosen by professional traders. The minimum deposit is $ 50,000, spreads are fixed – 0.8-5.5 pips. A nice bonus is free bank transfers.


To open this account, you need to discuss the size of the deposit and spreads with the broker’s manager. But everyone is given free access to the virtual server.

How to top up your account

There are 10 ways: Card transfers Visa / Mastercard. Instant replenishment of the deposit. Bank transfers SWIFT. Transaction time – from 2 to 5 days. Electronic payment systems WM, UnionPay, CashU, Skrill, Moneta, Paysafe, Alipay, Yandex.Money. Funds are credited to the account instantly. The “Trade12” broker independently pays the associated commissions so that its clients can replenish the deposit without additional costs.

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The most stable tool is metals. They trade in pairs with currencies and are good for short positions. But the main advantage of metals is the stability of long-term transactions. Therefore, they are used to strengthen the investment portfolio. The most volatile instrument on is currency pairs. It is inexpensive, well suited for fast speculative trading. CFDs of stocks, metals, oil, indices and other commodities are created to diversify the portfolio and attract small capital. They are not only inexpensive, but also allow you to make money in any direction of movement of the price of the asset from which they are produced.

What else does Trade12 offer

Trade with leverage up to 1: 400. Open positions from 0.01 lot. Use 3 platforms:
MetaTrader 4. The most popular Forex trading software. MT4 Mobile. Mobile version with support for access to the main account on Metatrader 4.
Web Terminal. A browser-based platform that does not require installation is launched on the broker’s website. All terminals have a user-friendly interface and allow you to easily manage your account.

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  1. Для человека со старой закалкой я не был готов отдать 250 баксов минималки для открытия счета. Тем более трейд 12. Кто такие вообще? Это мне знакомый о них рассказал, сайт скинул и честно я долго не мог понять зачем вообще с ними связываться. Первое время было ощущение что трачу время впустую на то что вообще обращаю а них внимание. Но опять же этот знакомый уговорил открыть демку. Ему от этого ничего конечно в плане финансов не добавилось. Просто ради интереса. Стаж трейдинга у меня какой-никакой а есть, 4 года. В общем к чему я, за месяц тестинга демки понял что можно и раскошелиться на 250 баксов и попробовать тут торговать на реале. Пока что ни разу не пожалел: 4 месяца приторговую и в трейд12. Полностью сюда переводится не собираюсь, но как еще одну площадку для стабильного дохода для себя отрыл их.

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