Tor Trade — wide range of financial instruments, available accounts and easy withdrawal of funds

With broker on its way to most traders. And that’s why. Here:

  • 6 types of financial instruments for trading.
  • Flexible trading terminal MetaTrader 4 with support for different devices.
  • Accounts with a deposit from € 500.
  • 6 ways to withdraw funds.
  • Automation systems for trading and risk management.

Thanks to this, everyone can:

  • choose assets that you are familiar with;
  • trade from a PC or smartphone;
  • open positions even with a small start-up capital.

Powerful algorithms help reduce risks and quickly close promising deals.

Reviews about Tor Trade are mostly positive. There are few dissatisfied. Basically, traders are not satisfied with:

  • low profitability due to safe leverage of 1 to 50;
  • roughness when communicating with technical support.

But no one complains that they could not withdraw money.

Based on all of the above, we decided to take a closer look at the work of Tor Trade in order to understand whether it is really convenient to work with it.

What the broker offers to trade

The number of available assets is estimated at several dozen, not thousands, as is customary for many intermediaries. But the assortment cannot be called meager. After all, there are no unpopular, too risky and hard-to-predict assets.

Tor Trade offers 6 types of instruments: currency and crypto pairs, stocks, indices, raw materials, precious metals. What opportunities does it give:

  • Get a combination of assets with different levels of volatility to form a stable, profitable portfolio.


  • Select instruments that the trader is familiar with. This means that it is effective to trade them.


  • Protect against falling individual markets. Metals perform especially well.

They are steadily growing in price, despite all the economic turmoil.

Trading platforms

Some reviews and reviews of note that only one program is available to traders – MetaTrader 4. This is true. There is no browser terminal. On the other hand, most traders are familiar with MT4. This is not some dubious exclusive development, but one of the most popular platforms.

In addition, Metatrader 4 has a number of important features:

  • Flexibility. The program can be adapted to yourself. This is facilitated by a large selection of built-in indicators and support for external modules.
  • Reliability. Powerful communication protection. Encryption practically excludes interception of information.
  • Versatility. The terminal is suitable for manual and automated trading.

MT4 can be hosted on a virtual server. And using algorithms to achieve continuous trading 24/7 (cryptocurrency markets work seven days a week).

What is the difference between accounts

Those who leave reviews about Tor Trade say that it is mainly about the terms of trade. For example, they are standard in Lite and Classic accounts. And in Pro and VIP – improved.

But it is not so. The requirements for the deposit vary greatly. To open a Lite account, you only need € 500, Classic – € 5000, Pro – € 20,000, VIP – € 50,000.

Another difference is the maximum position volume.





20 lots

200 lots

2000 lots

No limit

Obviously, this limitation is aimed at protecting the trader’s capital. If you open a large trade with a small deposit, the fall in price can absorb all the funds.

Bonuses, additional options and broker programs cannot be considered as factors, the absence of which can greatly affect trading.

How to withdraw money from a brokerage account

Reviews about assure: it’s easy to do. Verification is only needed before the first transaction. Then you can withdraw money as quickly as possible. The broker offers a classic set of payment systems: bank transfers, debit and credit cards, bitcoin and ether crypto wallets.

Is it easy to find “Tor Trade” on the Internet

Yes, because he is not hiding. The Contacts page has phone numbers, address, registration information and email: The broker’s head office is located in Warsaw at Inflancka, 4a.

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  1. Могу советоватьTor Trade всем кто ищет дополнительный заработок. Главное подойти с умом, не думать что все должны сделать за вас друге. Пробуйте.

  2. Работаю с не очень долго. На данный момент меня все устраивает. Очень хорошие условия, поддержка в любую минуту.

  3. Долго икал надежного брокера. И сейчас понимаю что нашел. Все очень нравиться. Опытные специалисты. Вежливая служба поддержки.

  4. С брокером меня познакомили мои друзья. Изначально боялась, так как был уже горький опыт в жизни. Но сейчас же спустя пол пару месяцев я поняла что искать другого брокера больше никогда не буду. спасибо всем работникам компании.

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