Telegram Telcoin

Telegram:  @telcoincommunity
SoftCap: $ 10 million
HardCap: 25$ million
ICO date: December 11 – February 11

About the project

Telcoin is a new cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain that will be distributed by your national telecom operator and made available to everyone anytime, anywhere. This is the backbone of their business and mobile network operators will be at the center of their strategy.

Telcoin goal

Telegram Telcoin’s goal is not to compete with operators’ mobile money, but to co-participate in the overall mobile money ecosystem. They see themselves as a complementary solution; a tool that will increasingly attract users to mobile money, encryption-enabled solutions and mobile wallets. Cryptocurrencies are experiencing a major trust issue. Telcoin aims to become an additional partner in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They are hoping to achieve more use of cryptocurrency in general. As many early users of Telcoin will likely use it as an access opportunity to purchase other cryptocurrencies.

Telcoin idea

The project proposes to use the existing level of trust of telecom companies for customers to provide an easy bridge between mobile money and cryptocurrencies. Telcoin have developed a dual approach to deploying Telcoin access and related use cases and products. These two approaches are being developed in parallel and rely on each other for success. Aggregators (mobile money and connection time) are the goal of Telcoin. Provide the ability to send TEL to any mobile phone number in the world as soon as possible. To this end, they establish connections with platforms through aggregators, while at the same time going through the process of making mobile communications available in each market. – Partnerships with telecom companies – Telcoin demonstrates the technical feasibility of any Telcoin use cases.

Telcoin platform

The Telcoin platform has many use cases, such as efficient money transfers, access to cryptocurrency, online prepaid time top-up, payments using crypto protection, as well as mobile games, international assistance, roaming costs, and many others. Telcoin is focused on connecting to mobile networks around the world to allow easy conversions between mobile money, prepaid loans, and paid platforms. Telcoin, released by telecom operators and available globally, is built on the solid foundation of an experienced development team in the blockchain and mobile markets, with a focus on applying new technologies to our daily lives.

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