Technomarket365: what does an online electronics store offer, besides low prices?

At Technomarket365 you can order electronics with delivery throughout Russia. We decided to analyze his proposals, find advantages and disadvantages, so that you make an informed decision.

How it works

The resource is convenient, the interface is intuitive, the products are divided into categories, there are many filters. Cards with detailed specifications, high-quality photos and customer reviews help you make the final decision. There is information about promotions and other campaigns that allow you to save. It is easy to place an order, but there are no fully automated sales. The client will definitely be called to confirm and discuss the details.


The number of items presented at Technomarket365 is in the thousands. The price range is impressive. There are goods of large world-class companies and domestic Russian brands with a good reputation.

What can be bought at «Technomarket365»

Household appliances. Washing and drying machines, refrigerators, televisions, refrigerators, freezers. Portable electronics. Smartphones, tablets, mobile devices. Personal computers and laptops. Kitchen equipment. Combines, microwave ovens, mixers. The catalog is regularly updated, which attracts more and more customers. At Technomarket365 you can order equipment that is not on the showcase. For example, rare devices or discontinued electronics. Experts will accept and process the request, find a suitable option, make an offer.

About money

Prices in Technomarket365 can be a pleasant surprise, especially in comparison with other large sites. This is due to the special approach to doing business. The online store offers a wide range of goods and minimizes costs (including the cost of storage and solving other business problems). There is a quality control department that monitors market prices. All this allows us to make very favorable offers for most of the positions presented in the catalog. The cost of goods in Technomarket365 is 30-40% lower than that of competitors. They often find equipment here at half the price of the market average. The online store is able to compete with wholesalers, which makes it popular. Promotions and sales at Technomarket365 are a given. They are held so that each client gets an opportunity to save money.

How is delivery made

Technomarket365 does its best to optimize each process. He deliberately abandoned his own fleet of equipment, having made a decision to cooperate with proven transport companies: CDEK, Business Lines, and PEK. Their task is to ensure timely delivery of products to their destination. The journey takes 3 to 7 days. Delays happen if the item is out of stock. Representatives of transport companies contact customers in advance, warn about the time of arrival. Another way to get an order from Technomarket365 is to use self-pickup. The online store has several pickup points. You need to choose a suitable one and agree with the manager on the date of the visit.

Service at Technomarket365

The proposed calculation method is not suitable for everyone, since a full prepayment is required. This approach often causes skepticism among buyers, but it is due to the specifics of the online store. All questions are discussed over the phone immediately after the application is submitted. The managers not only confirm the order, but also answer the questions asked.

Buy here or look for an alternative

It’s no secret that the reviews about Technomarket365 are not only positive. But if you look closely, it becomes clear: the negative is associated with delays in the delivery of orders. Therefore, the decision on cooperation must be made independently.

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