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Sun Way company is engaged in direct deliveries of goods from China to the CIS countries, as well as to other countries around the world. Sun Way has its own fleet of three cargo ships, and other shipping methods can be used. The company works directly with the manufacturers of the goods. All goods are purchased according to a preliminary contract with recipients, which eliminates the risk of downtime. Sun Way creates lots and invites customers to participate in them. There are no hidden fees required to pay the client. Even before the deal is closed, the profit margins are recorded.


In 2013, the Sun Way company can be said and started its journey. The first legal entity in Singapore was registered. The company signs the first lease of the dry cargo vessel Artemida 2414 to reduce logistics costs.

In 2015, the market grew faster than the company, and new partners from China were attracted to attract additional investments. At these events, a Russian-Chinese legal entity was created in Hong Kong with the name San Way INTERNATIONAL, the company still exists.

In 2016, leases for two more vessels will be issued. And in 2018 the company opens its first crowdfunding investment platform for legal entities in order to attract additional investments for the execution of its own lots, instead of selling logistics services and transporting strangers.

2019 year. Opening a similar platform for individuals. Private investors with small capital began to be attracted to buy lots for several people.

The Sun Way company continues to work successfully, delighting its customers even now.

Why is Sun Way working with China?

  • The largest economy in the world
  • Largest population in the world
  • State support for business
  • Own patent panel
  • Large grants from government to tech companies
  • The competitive environment provides very low product prices.

Sun Way employs over 200 people of various nationalities and works in more than 10 countries.


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  1. Очень классно все продуманно. Яи ранее инвестировал, но это не было так интересно. Сейчас я прям очень доволен работой.

  2. Я в компанию пришел по отзывам. Поэтому решил тоже оставить свой. Sun Way очень мне нравиться. Все помогут и подскажут. Спасибо

  3. Когда брала свой первой лот – очень переживала. сейчас же -не грамма. Все на высшем уровне. Спасибо сотрудника за помощь и выгодные лоты.

  4. Я тоже хочу поблагодарить Sun Way за то что могу иметь хорошей дополнительный доход, без него мне бы было сложно

  5. Отлично продуманная работа. Все сложено и быстро. Советую

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