Sun Trade – a new source of reliable profit

A new area of investment, commodity lots, has recently attracted more and more investors. People are extremely interested in getting stable and safe profits, and one of the leading representatives of this business is Sun Trade. The initial activity of the company was the delivery of goods from China. But the dynamic growth made it possible to reach a fundamentally new level: the company divides the consignments of goods into lots and allows a wide range of investors to earn money. Reviews about Sun Trade highly appreciate the company’s activities.

Way to success

Sun Trade has just started its journey to success. Back in 2010, it was a relatively small Moscow company founded by Arthur Grebnikov and Fyodor Voroby, engaged in the delivery of goods from China exclusively to the CIS countries. But already in 2013, an office was opened in Singapore, the first ship was leased, and the company went global. By 2015, the company ceased to keep up with the growing market, as a result of which a joint Chinese-Russian company Sun Trade International was established with headquarters in Hong Kong, which significantly increased turnover and leased 2 more vessels.

Despite the obvious successes, the Chinese economy offered much broader prospects for Sun Trade. This led to the launch of a crowdfunding project already in 2017 to raise funds by selling commodity lots. And since 2019, individuals have also been able to take part and make a profit.

Scheme of work of commodity lots at Sun Trade

Sun Trade uses a business model that makes money for everyone. The company is looking for manufacturers in China and buyers of goods in global markets. After that, Sun Trade enters into contracts for both the purchase and the supply of goods and breaks the supply into lots. Only after that information about lots gets into personal user terminals of clients. What does it do? By the time a potential investor receives data on lots, it is already known exactly what profit will be received upon closing the deal, as well as the timing of delivery of goods from China, and, accordingly, the closing of the deal.

Everyone can buy lots from 2019. And taking into account the fact that almost all the hassle of preparing and executing a deal is taken over by Sun Trade, the entry threshold is extremely low. In fact, all that is needed to start cooperation and make a profit is a small start-up capital, as well as passing through simple formal procedures for registering with Sun Trade.

I work with Sun Trade. Is my money safe?

Investing in lots of Sun Trade is one of the safest forms of investing money. The company uses one of the best business models, which practically excludes the possibility of incurring losses. In addition, work in the economic space of such a powerful player as China almost completely excludes the possibility of losses from global economic shocks. Moreover, since the company works directly with manufacturers, and carries out delivery on its own, unnecessary intermediaries are excluded from the deal, which reduce the final profit and can become a source of problems. Reviews of Sun Trade from counterparties show the high reliability of the company and the stable fulfillment of all obligations assumed

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  1. Sun Trade – просто находка. Я новичок. Оказалось на деле нет ничего сложного. Ну может конечно это мне с компанией повезло. Но я вообщем советую.

  2. Очень легко все. Условия замечательные. Все полностью устраивает!

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