The Stroy-Comfort LLC company is a leading enterprise in the production and installation of stretch ceilings.

The company was founded in 2005.

In the same year, it was decided to open its own production facility under the Stroy-Comfort trademark. We immediately established contacts with imported manufacturers of PVC sheets and purchased high-quality European equipment. The opening of production in Kirov made it possible to increase the speed of order fulfillment and created new opportunities for development. Our specialists were sent to study in Moscow. After three months of training, we started to work fully.

Since 2006, a dealer department has been formed to expand the activities of our company and increase the volume of sales. As a result, our dealers are several dozen cities, more than a hundred companies throughout Russia.

In 2010, the company buys its own machine for applying art prints to ceilings. UV printing technology allows you to apply full-color high-resolution images on various surfaces (glossy textures, satin and fabric). Such ceilings have given an even greater degree of development to our company.

Gradually, from the very beginning of the company, we strive for more, introduce new technologies and do not stand still, improving our skills. We always carry out complex work, finding the best solutions.

The Stroy-Comfort LLC company, to this day, successfully carries out the installation and manufacture of stretch ceilings, being one of the largest companies in Russia.

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  1. Мне всегда нравились фактурные навесные потолки, но когда моя подруга себе сделала такие. То моему желанию уже не было предела. Не долго раздумывая заказала себе в этой компании. Оплатила, договор подписала, через пару дней мастера начали свое дело. Как же я была рада когда они все сделали, это не описать словами. Мне очень понравилась их работа, я в восторге. Спасибо вам за труд и красоту, рекомендую.

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