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StoxMarket was founded in 2013, offering its services all over the world. Thanks to high digital technologies, everyone who trades here is protected from off-bank risks.

Contribution to your development. Reviews on our website will help you make a decision.

Stokes Market helps you find your own trading style and format. There is:
Knowledge tests.
Videos, e-books and manuals about the platform, markets.
Library with data on offered financial instruments.
Basic, in-depth and advanced courses for traders with different levels of experience and knowledge.
Gold, Platinum, VIP accounts provide access to webinars and seminars. New knowledge helps to improve your qualifications.
You can open a demo account on to practice with real quotes. You don’t need to spend your money for this.

Account types

The trading service offers 4 types of deposits:
Classic. From $ 1,000. Access to all platforms, videos, daily briefings.
Gold. From $ 10K. Standard spreads are fixed at the level of three pips. You can participate in webinars and seminars.
Platinum. From $ 25 thousand. A personal manager is available, the ability to receive signals and news via SMS.
VIP. From $ 100 thousand. Detailed daily market analytics and premium service.
Clients with different needs and levels of free capital choose the most appropriate ways to interact.


The main application for trading on is MetaTrader 4. Its advantages:
2048-bit encryption for high data protection.
The ability to open more than 30 transactions at the same time, trade in different types of financial instruments.
Flexible settings that simplify adaptation to the needs of a particular client.
Simple trading with an intuitive interface. This allows you to enter into trades in different ways, including the ability to open and close them directly from the charts.
Over 50 built-in indicators for technical analysis.
VPS function for round-the-clock support of the trading terminal.
Metatrader 4 is the most widely used trading platform in the world. It provides an opportunity to carry out transactions safely, conveniently and quickly.
StoxMarket offers additional apps so that anyone can trade anytime, anywhere while the relevant market is open:
WebTrader. It is possible to use your MT4 login and password to access your account directly from your browser. Advantages: quick start, intuitive control, several options for graphical representation of the traded instrument quotes. You can create a list of your favorite assets to operate them as quickly and conveniently as possible.
Mobile Trader. An easy-to-learn application that allows you to securely access your MT4 account and make trades. A large selection of indicators and fine settings make trading convenient and effective.

How to trade on StoxMarket

Forex. Currency pairs are one of the most popular tools for novice traders. They are highly volatile, so speculative trading can generate significant profits.
Cryptocurrencies. A relatively new tool that attracts more and more investors. A pair “cryptocurrency – currency” (like BTCUSD) is involved in trading.
Promotions. Large company securities are well suited for short-term trading. To understand the prospects, you should carefully monitor the brands you choose.
Raw materials. Silver, gold, oil, agricultural products are suitable for speculative trading and medium-term transactions.
Indices. Indicators of global investment markets themselves can serve as objects of investment. They are most often chosen for portfolio diversification.
StoxMarket offers a large number of technical analysis tools, regularly publishes relevant news and other data that can influence quotes. This allows you to trade even more efficiently.
Read reviews on our website from experienced traders.

4 thoughts on “StoxMarket

  1. давно всем понятно, что StoxMarket это хорошо прикрытая контора мошенников. Кто хочет надёжно инвестировать советую не связываться с этими аферистами. Вывести свои деньги не реально. Нас много пострадавших от этой конторы, мы пишем заявления и проводим встречи. Ведем переговоры с юристами. Некоторым получилось вывести через суд, по процедуре chargeback. Нужно объединятся. Не вкладывайте свои деньги в эту контору, мошенники!!!

  2. Внес депозит. Торговал с представителем компании. Депозит увеличился, составлял 1200долларов.Дал заявку на вывод.После чего мой депозит обнулили и нет возможности войти на торговую площадку. В правилах пишут отправить скрин шот, как это сделать,если на счету ноль, а на торговую площадку зайти невозможно. Наглый обман. Понимаю,что мой отзыв о stoxmarket вы не выставите, но что вы посеели,то то пожнете.

  3. Торговал с ними на опционах. Честно сказать, не в восторге. Потратил кучу времени, в итоге заработал копейки, которые теперь оказалось проблематично вывести, какие-то проблемы нашли с верификацией. Основная причина маленькой прибыли, как я понял, слишком высокий спред. На скачках цен бывало по $20 за раз.

  4. Галимая Кухня Бинарных опционов! StoxMarket меня обманули, обокрали, и выставили дураком в лице моих партнеров! Этой компании доверять нельзя!

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