STForex review: simple about complicated

It will take some time to understand the peculiarities of STForex service. Especially if you are a beginner. Despite the fact that the broker offers favorable trading conditions, everything is a little confusing with accounts and deposits.

Package of services

This is how STForex calls deposits. There are 4 of them.

They differ in the number of services, the speed of withdrawal of funds, the percentage of cashback for spreads and charges on the deposit. As well as the volume of training materials on different markets and instruments. Owners of a VIP service package (i.e. a deposit) can consult with a personal expert.
Now about the accounts. There are also 4 of them:
Regardless of which service package you have chosen, you can open one or several accounts. Let’s talk about each of them separately.

Demo account

Designed for training. Here you can work with real quotes without financial risks. Most often it is used by beginners. But those who have experience cannot do without it. Here you can safely test new strategies, algorithms and advisors.

Cent account

The choice of beginners, as they get the opportunity to trade with minimal risk. Its features:
The speed of opening / closing deals – up to 1 sec. (Instant).
Fixed spreads from 2 pips
No commission for opening deals.
Position volume – from 0.01 lot.
Margin call – 20%.
Stopout – 10%.
Leverage – up to 1: 1000.
Since capital is placed in a cent equivalent, it is difficult to lose a large amount.

Classic account

Designed for experienced traders. Here are almost the same conditions as in the cent:
Except margin call – 70%.
Stopout – 35%.
Another feature of the account is the ability to use the recommendations of a personal manager.


This account differs significantly from the rest. Here is a completely different way of order execution – Market. It takes no more than 0.3 seconds, so it is great for scalping, algorithmic and high-frequency trading. The size of spreads is floating – from 0.3 pips. But there is a commission for opening deals:
$ 10 per lot for currency pairs.
From 0.2% per CFD.
The leverage is also less – 1: 200. Margin call – 70%, Stop out – 35%.
While instant execution is fine for scalping, you need to be careful. All due to the commission that accompanies each transaction. Consider this when choosing a trading strategy.

What instruments to trade

It all depends on the type of account chosen. If you prefer Cent or Classic, there are several dozen currency pairs available to you, as well as 2 CFDs (gold and silver).
Serious players who have opened a Pro account get even more opportunities to diversify their risks. They are offered to trade:
Forex pairs.
CFDs of indices, metals, cryptocurrencies, stocks of American, German, Russian companies.
In spots.
What does it do? With a minimum deposit of $ 200 and a position volume of 0.01 lot or more, you can correctly distribute risks.

Trading platform

STForex gives its clients the best. Including the ability to trade in MetaTrader 4 – the most popular terminal in the world. Its benefits can be enumerated for a long time. Let’s dwell on the most important ones:
Superior data protection. 2048-bit encryption is used.
High versatility. There are dozens of indicators. There are built-in advisors, graphical analysis tools, as well as an archive of quotes that helps to predict the movement of any instrument.
The convenience of use. The good thing about Metatrader is that it can be customized for yourself (taking into account the preferred strategies and trading instruments).
Algotrading support. The built-in language allows you to create and import algorithms for trading automation.
MetaTrader 4 can even be hosted on a virtual server. If you combine this with automation, you can earn around the clock, 5 days a week.

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  1. стфорекс мошенники!!! по другому на них назвать нельзя!!! менеджер максим сначала меня уламывал месяц, потом я внесла 200$ и через неделю мне дали ложные позиции и все деньги я потеряла! по вине трейдера! а они говорят что во всем виновата сама! вот такой вот хороший брокер!!

  2. Это ещё те хулиганы, а представитель только и отмазывается, что они ничё не воруют и вообще стфорекс лучший брокер во вселенной! Но реальные люди по достоинству оценили всю прелесть работы с этой кухней!

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