The security company “Stark-Security Agency” was founded in 2002 in Moscow. The young company started out as a private agency. From the moment of foundation to the present day, we have worked and will continue to work towards the main goal: to ensure reliable protection of our clients from possible threats. In solving this problem, we are assisted by specialized knowledge and rich professional experience.
Today, the private security market is developing quite rapidly, which is associated with the expansion of its capabilities: changes in infrastructure, the introduction of privatization, an increase in the volume of trade and other global trends that are significant for society. Following the general vector of development, our company has been accumulating knowledge and experience in the field of protection against various threats for several years, improving in the methods and means of professional protection. The presence of Stark Security Agency in the market became more and more visible.
Today the STARK Security Group from a small private security company has turned into a large company, the structural units of which are several private security companies and organizations offering related services (supply, installation and maintenance of technical equipment). The Group currently employs over 5,000 specialists. Our employees constantly improve their professional qualifications and improve the level of physical fitness: they train skills in using firearms, master new techniques and techniques of hand-to-hand combat, study modern technologies and security equipment, and practice first aid.
The related divisions of the company provide design and installation services. The impeccable quality of the service provided is confirmed by numerous positive reviews of our customers. Over the years of work in the field of private security, we have been able to win the trust of a wide range of customers – both individuals and large enterprises. Positive reviews and recommendations help to increase respectability and create a positive image of each structural unit and the entire STARK Security Group.
The services of our company do not apply to objects that are under the protection of government services. The use of modern equipment, the development of new market segments, the reinvestment of funds in technical equipment and the introduction of marketing innovations ensure the stability of the operation and competitiveness of the STARK Security Group. The professional competence, reliability and responsibility of the company have ensured recognition and respect of the regulatory authorities.

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