– a scammer with an undetermined residence

Solu Trade is a brokerage company that supposedly provides the ability to trade Forex assets. According to her, it is incredibly profitable to work with her. It offers spreads from 0.1 pips, a couple of hundred trading tools, multiple platforms and market execution.
And all would be nothing. But in fact, the broker has nothing to do with the market. This is confirmed by reviews, which for some reason are few, and a scrupulous analysis of the site. Everything suggests that the company is run by a group of unscrupulous fraudsters who are ready to do anything to squeeze out more money.

Solu Trade Registration Data

A broker can exist and operate legally in two cases. If he is a legal entity and is licensed. And does not meet these requirements. The site of this company does not:
Regulatory organization name.
License numbers.
The legal address at which it is registered.
What is the conclusion from this? The same as in one of the reviews about Solu Trade. We’re not talking about a broker, but a bribery. First, he is not responsible for his clients. Secondly, no one controls it. This means that he has the ability to promise and create whatever he pleases.

Some hints

If you go to, and then go to the “Contacts” section, you will find the following:
Email address:
Feedback form.
What’s on the map? Green dot near a building in Liechtenstein. And if you hover over it, the left address will appear: Govant building, Port Vila, Vanuatu. And this country is as far from Liechtenstein as Solu Trade is from an honest broker.
The deception is obvious. The fraudster doesn’t even make an effort to disguise who he is.
The lack of telephone numbers for communication is another alarm bell that needs to be paid attention to. Scammers usually hide contacts. Otherwise, they will certainly be figured out, found and punished by those whom they threw for money.

Solu Trade: cheating and obscure trading conditions

Here is the information available on the broker’s official website:
Account types. They are detailed, including spreads, commissions and minimum deposit.
Tool table. Most likely, this is just a frame borrowed from another site.
Logos of several payment systems. Visa, Mastercard, Yandex.Money, QIWI, WebMoney, Bitcoin.
Everything else is idle talk. For example, a fraudster claims to provide access to a large number of terminals. It would be nice to know which ones. But there is no such information. And neither on the website, nor in reviews of
And here’s another proof that we are talking yap. The broker promises convenient replenishment through different payment systems. And he doesn’t say a word about the speed of execution of transactions, as well as the size of commissions for crediting and withdrawing funds.
By the way, the scammer Solu Trade does not hide the fact that he offers to transfer money by bank transfer to his account. But honest brokers keep their own money separately from the client’s. And do not have access to them.
Another loud promise from is liquidity from major global banks. And again, no evidence. The broker does not confirm that it really offers to trade through ECN and STP. And this is another reason to doubt his honesty.

The main argument

The Solu Trade reviews are the final nail in his coffin. It takes a lot of time to find them. But the broker’s website says that he works with clients from all over the world. Apparently, they do not know how to use the Internet. Otherwise, they would definitely share their impressions.
But back to the reviews about Solu Trade. There are few of them and they are negative. The victims of the fraudster tell in paints about the schemes he uses. The algorithm is simple but very effective:
A potential customer is called from an unknown number. Contacts are taken from illegally obtained bases.
They vividly describe the prospects for trading on Forex, promise fabulous profits.
Persuade to deposit money.
They manipulate quotes and trades to create the appearance of a profitable trade.
Lying out more money. Sometimes “professionals with years of experience” at Solu Trade say that additional funds are needed to earn even more. And if this does not have an effect, they are intimidated. They say that the entire deposit may be burned.
Milking to the last.
And when a trader tries to withdraw his money, the scammer Solu Trade immediately stops communicating. Calling and writing is useless. Nobody will answer.

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  1. люди не кладите свои драгоценные деньги в эту фирму под названием SOLU-TRADE это МОШЕННИКИ разденут и разуют вас вас до копеечки не общайтесь с ними не переписывайтесь лучше сразу посылайте их на три буквы и ложите трубку . Никаго зароботка там нет тока одни минусы вообщем если будете с ними работать останитесь без денег так же как остался я

  2. SOLU-TRADE Это аферисты не верьте им я сам попался на их уловки теперь пишу вам чтоб вы не попались это МОШЕННИКИ Александр Алмазов и Эрик Найман запомните эти имена если вам такие будут звонить сразу кладите трубку если вам дороги ваши деньги

  3. Это развод ребята. В ВК миловидные девушки или парни знакомятся с целью пообщаться, а потом при непринужденной беседе, рассказывают как они хорошо инвестируют в торговлю, дают контакты брокера солу трейд, пополняешь баланс переводом в криптовалюту чтобы концов не найти и предлагают открывать сделки на графике. Не ведитесь. Весь график это липа. Как только просишь вывести деньги со счета. Они теряются и на связь не выходят. Афферисты

  4. Точно так и меня обманули в solu-trade.Это мошенники!!!! Не верьте. Всё обман.

  5. Хотела давно начать что то своё, но все не хватало денег. В один прекрасный день меня набрала милая девушка и представилась сотрудником Solu-trade. Мне стало интересно их предложение. Я вложила все накопленные деньги, так как сотрудники утверждали что чем больше депозит тем быстрее я смогу заработать желаемую и так нужную мне суму. Радость моя была не долгой. По началу все было просто супер, я уже мечтала как открываю свой бизнес и ухожу со скучной работы. Но спустя месяц все пошло не по плану. Сотрудники компании стали все реже выходить на связь, а когда была открыта очередная сделка и вовсе пропали, как и все мои деньги. Я в полном недоумении, как.. как я могла поверить и отдать свои деньги. Все теперь все мои мечты рухнули….. Вот так. Пожалуйста не верьте им.

    1. Мне Вас очень жаль. Хорошо что Вы написали этот отзыв. Может люди почитают и не попадут на ловушку. Вот например мне так Вы очень помогли. Я как раз рассматривала их предложение. Но теперь все ясно, и конечно же я не буду переводить им свои деньги.

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