SMARTGUIDE – what it is and how to use it: an overview
unique information project in Runet

The website is the largest in Russia and in the post-Soviet
space is a resource dedicated to active and passive income. It helps to keep
and increase your assets for both beginners and professionals.

SMARTGUIDE – what it is and how to use it: an overview of a unique information project in

The information portal was created by specialists in the field of finance,
speculative trading and business. He calls his main goals:

  • detailed analysis of ways to make money on the Internet;
  • exposure of fraudulent projects of any scale.

“Smartguide” has managed to win the sympathy of a wide audience. It is much larger than that
other sites specializing in online and offline earnings. The community is showing
enviable activity and willingly expresses his point of view.

Reviews of the information portal regularly receive reviews
victims at the hands of swindlers and grateful for the timely warning. IN
InstaForex is an example.


Contact details

SMARTGUIDE предлагает много способов связи. Одних телефонных номеров целых 3:

SMARTGUIDE offers many ways to communicate. There are as many as 3 phone numbers:

  • +7 495 640-33-19.
  • +7 495 181-90-68.
  • +7 499 371-77-15.

There are also 2 emails:


And residents of Kaliningrad have the opportunity to visit the project office in person. Address: square
Victory, 4.
Perhaps one of the most convenient ways to contact Smartguide is live chat (free
online consultation).


There you can select the purpose of the appeal:

  • “Help me get the money back.” SMARTGUIDE provides advice. Every case
    is considered individually.
  • “I want to know about the broker.” Most likely, information about the site of interest is already
    is in a detailed review on Otherwise, the project may
    analyze and make a verdict.
  • “I want to make money on the Internet.” There are many specialists in the Smartguide team
    different profiles. They advise on most types of online income.

In SMARTGUIDE chat, you can ask questions on other topics. They respond quickly.
The caliper operates Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Large-scale information support

On there is a lot of reference and general educational information about earnings, capital investment. There are as many as 11 subsections in the “All About Investments” section. Some of
them, for example, «Investment directions», provide the most important thing – the base. There
tells about what investments are, who can invest money and what
pay attention so as not to burn out.

Other subsections are much richer. An example is «Online Projects». There are many articles with a detailed analysis of different types of online income generation – from exposing binary options to developing your own training courses.

One of the largest informational subsections is Investment Advisor. It contains very detailed reviews of various current sources of income. Judging by the reviews about SMARTGUIDE, after reading them, many fans of easy money took off their rose-colored glasses and avoided significant financial losses.

The section “All about investments” contains articles on:

  • business;
  • market instruments;
  • cryptocurrency and ICO;
  • making money online;
  • binary options;
  • stock and foreign exchange markets.

They help those who want to realize the potential of free capital through investment and trading, and those who are thinking about their own business outside the World Wide Web.

Section «Trading»

This is another impressive information block, filled with relevant articles on the topic of investing and speculative trading in financial instruments.

“Smartguide” is aimed at novice traders and those who are able enough to set off on an independent journey. Therefore, it offers a choice:

  • Display of all articles in a row. You need to click on the “Trading” section.
  • Sample for beginners. You need to move the cursor over the “Trading” section and select the “For beginners” subsection in the drop-down menu.
  • A selection of analytical materials and trading recommendations. You need to move the cursor over the “Trading” section and select the “Strategies and Analysis” subsection in the drop-down menu.

Beginners are offered easy-to-read articles that do not require deep knowledge of the markets and trading mechanisms. And for professionals – up-to-date trading recommendations and analytics related to specific financial instruments.

Section «Assistant»

It will be useful to anyone looking for ways to make money on the Internet. Collected here are articles on fraud in the following spheres:

  • forex trading;
  • binary options;
  • sweepstakes;
  • ICO and cryptocurrencies;
  • financial pyramids and network marketing.

But that’s not all. General articles and short excerpts in the “question-answer” format are offered to your attention.

At the very bottom of the “Assistant” section, you can order a free consultation from a Smartguide specialist.

Most often, it is approached by victims of scammers who want to get their money back, and those who need detailed recommendations regarding safe investment. The company practices an individual approach to each person who applies. Both financial capabilities and expectations of profitability and risk level are taken into account.

Section «News»


The SMARTGUIDE website regularly features news articles about the world of finance. Much attention is paid to the global economy, financial markets and cryptocurrency.

The “News” section is an irreplaceable source of information for active traders. It will help you stay in the loop, give you ideas for investments, or become a trigger that will significantly change your investment portfolio.

Section «Rating of Companies»


This is the heart of the SMARTGUIDE project. It contains information on more than 640 organizations offering their services in various areas of financial activity.

The «Rating of Companies» section on is one of the largest Russian-language knowledge bases. There are 8 thematic ratings:

  • Forex brokers.
  • Binary options.
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Sweepstakes and lotto.
  • Network Marketing.
  • Financial organizations.
  • Cryptocurrency organizations.
  • Crypto exchangers.

The ratings are updated regularly. This makes it possible to receive the most relevant information from one source.

Each project in the Smartguide rating is accompanied by a detailed analysis. The project pays great attention to the security of cooperation. He is not afraid to go against scammers who bribed dozens of review sites. His uncompromising criticism opens eyes to the truth and significantly reduces the number of victims.

Each rating is presented in the form of a table.

The header contains the logo and name of the company, as well as significant information:

  • Year of foundation.
  • Regulator name.
  • Place of registration.
  • ECN / STP availability. For forex brokers and dealers only.
  • Trading platform.
  • Assessment. It makes it clear how safe, reliable and convenient it is to use the services of a particular project.

The ratings of “Smartguide” clearly show that most of the Forex and binary options brokers, crypto exchanges, sweepstakes, lotto, e-mail, crypto exchangers, financial and crypto organizations are not trustworthy. Many of them were created with the sole purpose of stealing client capital. SMARTGUIDE proves that even those who work officially and are strictly regulated are hunting for other people’s money. The latter exploit loopholes in legislation or service contract.

Forex brokers rating

In the top are projects with 4 stars. These are more or less reliable companies: not without flaws, but not inveterate scammers either.


But most of the forex brokers included in the rating are swindlers. Most often these are “kitchens”. They extort money and drain client deposits.

Among forex brokers, dealers and outright fraudsters there are companies offering access to currency exchanges, such as Broker Sberbank. They were in the rating of forex brokers, as they also make it possible to make money on the difference in currency quotes, although in a slightly different way.

A large, detailed review has been written about each company included in the rating. It reveals fraud, talks about the advantages and disadvantages of cooperation.

The reviews have boxes in italics and in red. These are SMARTGUIDE comments. It contains useful information that can be useful to those who are looking for a suitable intermediary for trading currency pairs and derivatives.

Additional Information

There is a text under the table with the rating of forex brokers. It explains what Forex brokers are like, how to choose them and what you need to pay attention to.

At the end, SMARTGUIDE warns: all posted reviews are for informational purposes only. The final decision rests with the reader. He bears full responsibility for it: if he makes a mistake, he will lose money.

Everything is correct. After all, even the most reliable forex brokers can turn on a crooked path. In this case, the high marks that they were given before will be an excellent bait. The only way to minimize the risk of facing a scammer is to carefully check the information and read the reviews carefully. But even this does not provide a 100% security guarantee.

Section «Binary Options»

As of the third decade of May 2020, the rating includes more than 50 projects. In the top are those who really try to work honestly. Including a real exchange, where binary options are real financial instruments, and not banal rates on the movement of quotes that are offered by most sites on the Web.

So far, only 3 binary options brokers have received high SMARTGUIDE ratings. The rest were exposed and convicted of fraud thanks to a careful analysis of the terms of cooperation, facts and feedback from the players affected by their actions.

“Smartguide” is one of the few projects that calls a spade a spade. He says not “trading” but “betting”, not “deals” but “bets.” This very well captures the essence of binary options that most people encounter on the internet.

By studying the SMARTGUIDE reviews, you will learn a lot of interesting things. For example, the fact that in the UK binary options are offered by bookmakers. That is, companies that work with rates. This is much more honest than announcements to go public on real exchanges or licenses from financial regulators.

Additional Information

From the text accompanying the rating, it becomes clear: SMARTGUIDE has a negative attitude towards betting on money. The fact is that the project seeks to offer ways to generate a stable income and criticizes projects where profit at best depends on luck. Examples include casinos and binary options dealers.

Section “Cryptocurrency exchanges”

As of the third decade of May 2020, there are 38 projects here. Each of them offers access to cryptocurrency trading or simply imitates it.

Crypto exchanges that occupy the top lines of the top are large platforms with a large capitalization, audience and trading volume. They get a lot of positive feedback.

But SMARTGUIDE analysts pay attention not only to the positive qualities of certain crypto-exchanges. They find their shortcomings and tell in detail how they threaten the bidders.

Several Chinese exchanges were caught in the Smartguide rating, caught imitating trade turnover. For example, BitZ. The project gave them rather low marks. And rightly so. After all, this type of falsification is very dangerous during a period of sharp increase in volatility. Traders do not have the opportunity to take profit or loss due to lack of liquidity, since a significant part of it is not real.

There are many reviews under the reviews of crypto exchanges. Their authors do not always agree. But SMARTGUIDE keeps all comments.

The project provides information. The decision on cooperation always remains with the trader.

Additional Information

Under the rating of crypto exchanges there are general recommendations on how to independently search for platforms for crypto trading, what to look for and what to avoid. Smartguide warns: not all cryptocurrency exchanges have regulators, but due to their transparent work and good reputation they get high marks.

Section “Sweepstakes and Lotto”

Here are collected bookmakers and lotteries. As of the third decade of May 2020, there are 85 of them. These are large international companies and Russian bookmakers. Among them there are honest ones and scammers.

SMARTGUIDE data complements reviews. Having studied them, it becomes clear: many bookmakers are not ready to part with really large amounts. In this case, tricks and tricks are used to get rid of overly successful players.

Smartguide speaks unflatteringly about sports betting. According to the project, this type of activity can be viewed exclusively as a hobby and a way to quench the thirst for excitement. Only a few manage to get real, stable income.

Что касается лото, их оценки в рейтинге SMARTGUIDE оставляют желать лучшего. Например, у Гослото всего 2,5 звезды. Все потому, что большинство из них занимаются мошенничеством: выигрыш достается только подставным лицам. В России уже гремел скандал с полумиллиардным выигрышем, который ушел знакомой владельца лотереи.

«Смартгайд» уделяет много внимания российским проектам. Причем как в ставках, так и в лото. Граждане СНГ чаще всего сталкиваются именно с ними. А это основная аудитория ресурса.

When it comes to Lotto, their SMARTGUIDE ratings are poor. For example, Gosloto has only 2.5 stars. This is because most of them are engaged in fraudulent activities: the winnings go only to front men. In Russia, there has already been a scandal with a half-billion winnings, which went to a friend of the lottery owner.

Smartguide pays a lot of attention to Russian projects. Moreover, both in betting and in the lotto. CIS citizens most often encounter them. And this is the main audience of the resource.

Additional Information

Under the rating of sweepstakes and lotto there is an informational text dedicated to choosing a bookmaker’s office.

First you need to familiarize yourself with it, and only then read the reviews. This will make the selection process much easier. The text will teach you how to independently analyze bookmakers and help you avoid scammers who create new projects almost every day.

Section “Network Marketing”

It is more complicated than it seems at first glance. The rating includes 2 types of organizations. The first are representatives of the network marketing sphere. It is they who occupy the top positions, because they conduct real financial activities and pay income.

The second are financial pyramids. They have one goal – to fill their pockets at the expense of others.

SMARTGUIDE is strict about both. He talks about everything: about terrible working conditions, impossible plans. And also about the concentration of income in the hands of 1-2% of the heads of the largest chains.

Goes to pyramid schemes and HIYP. Smartguide criticizes them for fraudulent schemes, lack of real economic activity, deception of hundreds, thousands of people. At the same time, the project realizes: the popularity of pyramids is not due to the stupidity of investors, but to the desire to hit the jackpot to scam. That is why such projects are alive and well. SMARTGUIDE raises the issue of moral choice: to participate in a pyramid scheme, HYIP and get money actually stolen from others, or look for an honest way of earning money, in which the conscience will be clear.

The rating of network marketing companies ends with the text of the same name. It covers important topics:

  • what is the essence of network marketing;
  • why product characteristics are very important for those wishing to work in an MLM company;
  • why the structure of network marketing matters, etc.

The project seeks to convey: only a few will be able to make money on network marketing. The rest will not get rich, but give away personal money, making unsuccessful attempts to climb the career ladder. This is because direct selling is difficult. They are far from obeying everyone.

Section “Financial organizations”


So far there are more than 60 projects related to financial activities. Many of them parasitize on the Forex topic: they offer useless courses, strategies or training for a lot of money. But those at the top of the top are another matter. They are useful – they provide general education information, basic knowledge, recommendations or trading ideas.

The SMARTGUIDE rating of financial institutions is replete with dubious projects, whose goal is to steal money from those who trusted them. Basically, the victims are hunters for the so-called golden grail – a universal strategy (terminal, robot) that brings huge income with minimal losses.

Under the rating of financial institutions, Smartguide warns: 99% of companies that promise profits are scammers. That is why you need to carefully check every investment project, training course or trading strategy. Otherwise, you can lose not only time, but also money.

Section “Cryptocurrency organizations”

Here is a rating dedicated to sites and projects that are in one way or another related to the world of cryptocurrencies, but are not exchanges. Most of them have very low marks. The reason is simple: they steal client money.

At the top of the rating there are several sites with an ambiguous reputation. On the one hand, they have proven to be reliable. But real reviews on the Web speak of unfair activity: up to blocking the withdrawal of funds.


As of the third decade of May 2020, there are 34 companies in the SMARTGUIDE rating of cryptocurrency organizations. And only 3 of them (, FTC and have a regulator or supervisory body that monitors their compliance with the requirements of the current legislation.

Not surprising. After all, most crypto organizations operate without regulation. The reason is the ambiguous status of bitcoin and altcoins. Due to the novelty of the cryptocurrency, many states did not have time to formulate their point of view. They did not decide what to do: allow or deny. Therefore, anyone who wants to trade bitcoin and altcoins should consider all the attendant risks associated with uncontrolled financial activities.

Section “Crypto exchangers”


It appeared quite recently, but has already brought a lot of benefits. Many of those who buy and sell cryptocurrency have not fallen into the clutches of the scammers involved.

There are few good ratings in the ranking of crypto exchanges. The only project has earned 3 stars. This suggests one thing: there are high risks in the field of converting cryptocurrencies.

Who will SMARTGUIDE help


Anyone who wants to reduce the number of mistakes when searching for suitable sources of income on the Internet or offline. The company’s specialists help both novice traders and experienced investors who want to minimize risks and earn income.

Even people far from the financial markets will find a lot of interesting information on For example, advice on organizing and developing a private business. They are very helpful. And absolutely free. And most importantly, there are more and more of them.




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