Shineme-Shop is an exclusive online store of cosmetics and related products from Korea. Our team strives to offer only the best, tested and quality products for you, our beloved customers.

The ShineMe store deliberately decided to present Korean cosmetics, because no brand of a European manufacturer can boast of the presence of how many natural ingredients, regardless of the class of cosmetics and care products. Korean brands really set a goal to take care of their customers, and ShineMe store helps in achieving goals in Russia.

We cooperate with the manufacturer directly, therefore we guarantee high quality and authenticity of the presented goods.

On the site you will find products for taking care of the beauty and health of your body and face for every taste, and we will help you make the right choice.

✓ We – for self-care and love for your body!
✓ We are for uniqueness!
✓ We stand for honest feedback from customers!
✓ We stand for friendship between the client and ShineMe!
✓ We stand for quality assurance!

Thank you for choosing ShineMe! We will make sure that your inner and outer beauty does not fade away!

Yours faithfully,
ShineMe Team!

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  1. Аппликатор мне посоветовал врач, как альтернативу препаратам избавляющим от зуда и сухости. Купила аппликатор SHINE PH и результат получила сразу же. Теперь буду пользоваться на постоянной основе.

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