Salon of evening dresses “Grace of the Evening” was opened in 2008.
For 7 years of work, more than 24,000 buyers have become the company’s clients.
“Grazia Vechera” is a salon + online store, where you can:
1. get online consultation, our operators are available 24 hours, 7 days a week;
2.buy online by paying:
by bank card,
using payment systems,
by bank transfer
3.order delivery in Moscow (from 3 hours) and Russia
(delivery is carried out using partner courier services).

Providing customers with the widest possible selection of evening dresses by style and color;
for each type of figure, for sizes from 40 to 58, which will not only please the clients of the salon,
but also perfect for the figure.

We work in the economy and premium segments, ordering collections of dresses from different companies in different
price ranges, but in any case, these are only high-quality products and proven firms
drivers with whom we have been working for more than one year.

The ability to complete the evening look with accessories, currently in stock about 100
models of evening bags and clutches, various colors and shades, made of various materials.

All models of dresses and handbags presented on the site are available; models sold we
we remove from the site on the same day (except for the section Wedding dresses to order)

Weekly receipt of new products from the latest collections from manufacturers throughout the year,
the most current models, the widest possible color gamut of dresses, the presence of “trend” models.

You can use the seasonal calendar of promotions, promotions for the holidays,
and also on the site there is a catalog of models with a weekly discount of up to 70%.
(subscribe to the newsletter and you will be updated with the latest news and promotions).

The products presented on the website and in the showroom have certificates of compliance with the requirements of Russian standards,
if the product does not suit you (for any reason) we guarantee a refund
(subject to the conditions for the safety of the presentation and the presence of labels)

At the moment the company orders collections from more than 50 manufacturers of evening dresses from the USA,
this allows you to have evening dresses, various in style, made according to different patterns,
from various materials.
Such a variety of styles and styles of evening dresses allows you to choose “your own”, one single dress.
At the request of the client, we can order a dress that we do not have in stock from the collections of companies with which
we are working. Delivery time, if available at the company, is 10-12 days.

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