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The Salsbury think tank is a large network providing consulting services in the field of investments, stock and foreign exchange markets. She:

  • Has more than 50 offices throughout Russia.
  • It occupies a leading position in the field of analytics in the country.
  • Offers a training program based on 20 years of expert experience.
  • The Salisbury Training Center graduates more than 5 thousand people a year.

Trading skills

The trader’s school offers a basic course of 11 lessons. This can be done at the Salsbury office or remotely. In a programme:

  • 27 hours of theory. Acquaintance with the market, terminals, mastering analytical principles, developing trading strategies, studying averaging tactics.
  • 57 hours of practice. Trading in real conditions under the supervision of the company’s experts to consolidate the knowledge gained.

What does it give:

  • Understanding the reasons for the movement of quotations, the basics of technical and fundamental analysis.
    Ability to predict risks, choose the best trading strategies.
    The trading course is free of charge. This base is enough to increase profits and avoid losing trades.

Paid programs for traders

LLC “Analytical Center” Salsbury “offers to pass:

  • Basic analytics course (7 hours).
  • An advanced course in fundamental, technical analysis (10 hours).
  • Professional course on trading systems and strategies (18 hours).
  • Special course on US stock markets (10 hours).

The basic course is suitable for those who do not know what trading is and how it works. Its task is to help you understand indicators, graphical analysis tools, and candlestick configurations. New knowledge will help you to better identify trends in manual trading and choose the most promising instruments.

The advanced course is designed to give traders a good understanding of the Forex market and the cycles of the economy. Experts will touch upon the influence of global factors on the value of assets and the possibility of their use in speculative trading.

A professional course will come in handy if manual trading is no longer profitable. In the classroom, they will tell you what algorithms can be used for automated trading with advanced and multifunctional terminals. They will offer to consider the Elliott and Fibonacci wave theories. This course will be useful for traders who have made a decision to follow the scalping path and want to pinpoint trend reversal points as accurately as possible.

The special course on US stock markets is a must for those planning to start trading stocks. This direction is slightly different from Forex, it requires a detailed study of the instruments. Behind each security there is a specific company whose activities are capable of influencing quotes. Therefore, deeper knowledge is required.

Master classes

The Salsbury Analytical Center periodically conducts open sessions to which experts are invited. They can be asked questions that are difficult to deal with on their own. A visit to a master class will help you understand whether you need to enroll in a course.

Investors. Feedback will help you make the right decision.

Salisbury invites those whose goal is to make a stable passive profit, and not engage in speculative trading. The analytical center conducts consultations and training sessions for investors. Its specialists help to improve their skills, choose more promising and stable investment objects.

Salsbury clients can order the development of an individual strategy for the allocation of financial assets or prefer a ready-made one. Therefore, even if there is no time to study, there is still a chance to increase your income.

Salisbury provides a wealth of information. It helps beginners and experienced traders. Knowledge can be obtained free of charge by consolidating it in practice.

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