Optimally inexpensive laptop repair in Sterlitamak and regions.

Quick replacement of thermal paste, cleaning the cooler and radiators from dust when overheating and turning off computer equipment.
Urgent Departure to your house. Cleaning at home with you is possible!

Replacing the laptop matrix, changing the keyboard when moisture gets in, cleaning the laptop after flooding it with liquid.
Replacing a hard drive with an SSD, buying and replacing a motherboard, memory

Installing Windows (Windows) of any version (32-64 bits) on a laptop, computer, candy bar, partitioning a hard drive into several C :, D: … partitions, changing the file system, MBR> GPT and much more!

Recover deleted files from your media.
Installation of any version of Office, antivirus, graphics, design, multimedia programs.

Checking for errors in RAM, hard disk, replacement of RAM.
Full diagnostics of the entire computer or laptop, at the end of the results on devices that are out of order!

So is the repair of computers and monoblocks.
Contact every day from 08:00 – 22:00 (After this time you can leave a message, in the morning we will call you back to clarify the details.

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