Repairer. Repair of computers, laptops in Sterlitamak. Installing Windows, Office Sterlitamak.

Repair of a PC, laptop, computer, candy bar, system unit, personal, ultrabook, laptop, mini computer in Sterlitamak!
Install Windows 7-10, Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint …), antivirus, graphics programs and multimedia.
Installation and configuration of new computers and laptops.
Repair of all components:
– Monitor, display, matrix
– Keyboard, mouse, touchpad
– Video card, processor, power supply, fan, sound card, operating memory
– Flex cable, motherboard, USB, connectors
– Hard disk (hdd, ssd), floppy drives, card reader

Replacement, installation, reinstallation of thermal pads on 1) Video card 2) Processor 3) Bridge (north, south), chip
Cleaning From dirt, moisture. Removal of oxides
Selection, installation and configuration of various devices (printers, scanners, MFPs, Web cameras, etc.)
Setting up remote access to a computer
Help in recovering forgotten passwords
Maintenance of computers in the office

How is the work going:
1) We work seven days a week from: 00 to 23:00
2) Free consultations by phone (sometimes this is enough)
3) Free travel throughout the city and regions.
4) We diagnose the problem for free
5) We fix the price in the contract
6) We quickly and accurately solve the problem
7) Always in touch, Call!

Popular issues
Computer slows down
Blue or black screen
Does not turn on
Turns off after a while
Computer is noisy
The computer gets very hot
File recovery
Cleaning your computer from dust, changing thermal paste and much more.

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