Regency One Group

Regency One Group is a successful international professional broker. We owe our success to an impeccable reputation, a special technological and innovative approach to working on Forex. We provide services in the field of Internet trading in the global foreign exchange market for the widest possible range of clients.
All our traders are provided with one of the most advanced cross-platform trading platform R1FX Trader to date, which allows everyone to freely trade various assets and make a profit in real time. The main feature of R1FX Trader is its versatility, since the terminal works on PC, WEB, iOS and Android.

In pursuit of the goal of facilitating and automating the work of experienced traders and helping newcomers to get involved in trading, we have applied the most effective and time-tested mechanisms to protect and control the interests of our clients.
Take advantage of all our advantages: speed, safety and unprecedented convenience of trading on the market 24/5 from anywhere in the world. Choosing the right broker is what thousands of traders from several countries have already done by becoming a client of Regency OneGroup. Working with us saves clients from many risks and gives them financial freedom, greatly increasing the trader’s opportunities.

Join Regency OneGroup and start earning money with the help of professionals who do their best for your financial success!

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