Reviews about the company R-solutions.

R-solutions ( company – deals with the refund of funds under the “Chargeback” program. is an Internet resource where you can get all the answers to the bank refund procedure – Chargeback.
The company provides its clients with a list of services:

  • Consultation about the procedure
  • Drawing up a competent package of documents
  • Help with the withdrawal of funds for the chargeback program.

The R-solutions company promises to help you, together with experienced specialists, bring a binary options or forex broker to justice. We will help you draw up the necessary statements, documents, material evidence to successfully complete the refund procedure, not lose available, precious time for a chargeback, we will help you put pressure on the bank, since they usually do not know how this operation is going or simply do not want to do it, looking for the reason in the refusal. They will find a way out of any situation that you have in the financial markets.

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