QWallet — стоит ли пользоваться кошельком?

In our time, cryptocurrencies have become very popular, and in order to work with it, it should be easy for you to have one or another cryptocurrency wallet. It doesn’t matter what cryptocurrency you work with, the storage should always be there. The public key allows everyone to see all transactions in the chain, while the private key allows you to manage the cryptocurrency and make transactions. This is why keeping your private key in a safe place is so important.

There are two types of wallets:
– cold wallets,
– hot cryptocurrency wallets.

Both types of wallets are popular. Among all cold cryptocurrency wallets, we have chosen Ledger as one of the most popular, leading wallets among hot ones – Blockchain, Bitcoin Core and QWallet.

For each of us, the main criteria when choosing a wallet will be security. In this regard, we really liked the QWallet wallet. All possible standards have been complied with.
QWallet, which has been providing its customers for a long time with services of safe and comfortable storage and use of cryptocurrency. The unique Hide transactions system 733 allows users to make transactions without being reflected in the blockchain.

Positive reviews on the network only confirm the decency of the wallet.

How to use?

By our time, the development of the cryptocurrency industry has led to the development of the following main methods of implementing cryptocurrency:

  1. Direct sale without intermediaries
  2. Selling with the involvement of specialized services, for example, Webmoney
  3. Exchange in a cryptocurrency “exchanger”
  4. Withdrawal to a specialized payment card provided by some cryptocurrency exchanges.


All the necessary conditions have been created for you. Convenient, safe, simple. Keep up with the times, use cryptocurrency wallets, choose the best.

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