QI Trade trading company overview

The company started its activity more than 2 years ago in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan. The aim of the company is efficient trading on modern sites, as well as the gradual entry of representative offices to the international level.

How does the company make money?

The company trades on the Amazon online platform.

We buy goods from manufacturers in China, South Korea, India and Pakistan, ship them by sea to the United States to Amazon warehouses and private distribution centers, sell them on the Amazon site under our own brands, the goods are bought by residents of the United States and Canada, we receive profits. We reinvest part of the money, and distribute the rest between clients and the company in accordance with the terms of the contract.

You can study the entire process of trading on Amazon on your own on the SET6 training platform (check with the company’s managers) – the training is built step by step so that everyone can try and, with due diligence, build their own commodity business on Amazon.

What is offered to partners? The company is engaged in trading activities in promising markets and has shown stable growth for over two years. The suggestion is as follows: you can make money on trading on your own using the SET6 method, or you can not waste your time and the company will do everything for you. And you will only receive monthly profits.

Contact and feedback

The site contains the address of the company’s head office, you can leave a request and order a call from a company representative. On online maps, for example 2GIS.KZ, the company is also represented. There is a hotline for the convenience of customers. On the Internet, you can find numerous complimentary user comments. Partners are happy to receive good profit, numerous bonuses in the mobile application, they emphasize the professionalism and competence of employees. In conclusion, it should be noted that the QI Trade project has every chance of successful development. They conduct their business openly and officially, not forgetting the high quality of service. The company has chosen a profitable and promising direction of trade and has already reached the first significant heights on its way. And most importantly, the company has a clear development plan and follows it at every stage. We recommend that you pay attention to QI Trade as a reliable partner for investing your own savings in a profitable enterprise with a high level of reliability.

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  1. Компания продумывает каждый шаг. Почти все всегда проходит ровно и без лишних движений. Бывают конечно нюансы, но где их нет. …

  2. Увлекательное действие плюс заработок. На сегодня лучше темы не встречал.

  3. Когда искала дополнительный заработок, даже и не думала что найду QI Trade. Мне предложил друг, я согласилась. Очень нравиться.

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