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Those who have not heard anything about Proxima Group will be interested in learning about accounts: what they are and how much money you need to have to start. There are four of them. The first is “Silver”. It is basic: suitable for those who have less than $ 25 thousand.Its owners can trade 100 instruments with a leverage of 1:10 (currency and cryptocurrency pairs, commodity contracts, indices), create individual investment portfolios, and open up to 100 transactions simultaneously with a total volume of 200 lots.
The second is “Gold”. It is chosen by those who have from 25 thousand to 100 thousand dollars. The leverage reaches 1:20. You can open up to 150 positions for 2000 lots. The number of available instruments reaches 300. Shares of the largest companies are added to currency and cryptocurrency pairs, commodity contracts, indices and an individual investment portfolio.
The third account is Diamond. It is available to those who have from 100 thousand to 1 million dollars. Leverage is 1:50. There are no restrictions on the number and volume of transactions. The fourth is Infinitium. The peculiarity of this account is the absence of swaps. It takes $ 1 million to open it.

What else you need to know about Proxima LTD

This company specializes in support, training and consulting. Gives access to trusted brokers who work with reliable liquidity providers. She values her reputation and clients. Therefore, he does what others do not dare to – equally shares the losses with them (covers 50% of the losses).

Can algorithms be used

Yes. There are three of them:
Conservative. 30% of all investments are directed to investments in bonds. It is a classic low risk diversified portfolio.
Balanced. Gives 25% of investment to cryptocurrency assets. This is a good combination of moderate risks and the opportunity to earn more.
Aggressive. At least 75% of funds are invested in cryptocurrency pairs. There are high risks, but big profits.
Proxima Group carefully works out algorithms. Therefore, even if you choose aggressive, the risks will not exceed 20%. And for the rest – 10%. Want a custom algorithm? Tell your trader about it.

What to invest in. Read the reviews on our website.

The main package of financial instruments is stocks, commodities, currency and cryptocurrency pairs. They require active interaction, constant monitoring. Therefore, they are well suited for manual and automated trading using algorithms.
Investors are offered other areas of investment:
Mining. Proxima LTD provides an opportunity to buy out servers located in North China. They will generate a stable income through the mining of cryptocurrencies. All that is needed for this is to have 50 thousand dollars. They offer to buy from 20 cars. The profit will be 15% of the total income.
ICO and IPO. This direction is associated with risks, as it implies investments in projects that are just entering the stock and cryptocurrency market. Proxima Group experts carefully analyze each of them, and only then offer it to customers. The assets of most of the selected projects after the initial placement increase in price by 100% within a month. And the final gain can reach 1000%.
The property. The threshold for entering this market is $ 1 million. Such investments are designed for a long-term placement and cannot bring superprofits right away. Proxima Group specializes in investing in promising projects and buying out objects of debtors and bankrupts.
If you have 50 thousand dollars, you can use another service. To do this, you need to sign a trust management agreement. Your capital will be controlled by one of the Proxima LTD traders. And you will receive up to 5% of your deposit every month.

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  1. Странно что так мало отзывов об этой компании. Компания достойная.

  2. Удивлен таким профессионализмом. Ребята действительно очень толковые, знают что делать. Даже меня научили пользоваться компьютером и программой для торговли. 1,5 часа открывали счет. Хотя на самом деле это заняло бы 5-10 минут. Сейчас торгую и очень доволен ощутимой прибавкой к пенсии.

  3. Компания супер! До сих пор не верю в такую доходность. Теперь понимаю как люди становятся миллионерами. Всем советую.

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