Pratconi is a good example of a bad scammer

Pratconi is not a broker, but a scam. He does not waste time developing graceful circuits, but acts in a simple manner. First, it forces you to replenish your account, and then demand to do it again and again. And when a trader intends to withdraw what he earned, he cancels his orders without giving any reason.

About pseudo broker

According to, was launched on 11/21/2017. By the way, it is teeming with contradictions. The first catches your eye already in the “Contacts” section. The address is Edinburgh and the contact number is American. Attention, the question: “If most of the broker’s clients are Russians, why did he open an office in Scotland, but receives calls in the USA?”
It’s simple. When you come to complain to the police (and this will surely happen, because they will throw you), they will throw up their hands and say that they cannot do anything, because the company is foreign.

Trading conditions

Reviews about Pratkoni say that the broker accepts different currencies, but converts them into BTC. How does this happen? Let’s tell. The scammer asks to send money through the exchanger. The scheme is classic: they fall into a private person, which means that it will not be possible to make a chargeback or return them in any other way. You will never prove that the purpose of the transfer is to fund an account on the broker’s website.

How to trade and is it convenient to do it

Crypto pairs. By the way, Pratconi promises constant information support. We went to the “Market Analysis” section. There really is news about every asset. They only date back to May – July 2018.
News is good. But many reviewers on say the most important thing is missing. Namely information:

  • about spreads,
  • commissions,
  • stopout,
  • margin call,
  • method of order execution.

Instead of all this, unconfirmed promises to open and close trades in 50 ms are flickering every now and then.
That is, the broker clearly does not bring deals to the market. The reviews say that the quotes he offers are very different from the real ones. This means that he also manipulates asset prices in his favor. What for? To quickly withdraw the deposit into a minus.

“Fair” user agreement

Pratconi says bluntly that:
Is not responsible for losses, including those caused through his fault.
Can open deals on behalf of the client without his knowledge.
Does not guarantee the confidentiality of personal data.
Our advice: don’t be lazy to read the user agreement. If this is not done, it turns out that you owe everything, but you do not.
But that’s not all the tricks. Pratkoni can change the rules of service, the size of commissions and fees. Here traders pay their own taxes. The user agreement states that the broker cannot do this for them. Lying. They extorted money from one person and promised to give it to the state on their own.

Demo account

It is mentioned in the “Training” section, namely in the “How to trade” section. The broker recommends practicing to better understand the mechanics of trading. After that, the review we managed to find about Pratconi looks especially funny.
Imagine: one trader has been registered. Before he had time to come to his senses, an analyst became attached to him, who began to force him to replenish and start trading. But when the player said that first he wants to practice on a demo account, as the broker recommends, he replied, he doesn’t care. Like, drive the crypt and do not fantasize.

Divorce in three acts

With, a trader loses money several times:
The first is when you register and fund your account.
The second is when the fraudster begins to demand more money in order to trade further.
The third is when he wants to take profit. A commission is knocked out of him.
One of the Pratconi reviews tells the story of trying to withdraw money immediately after making a deposit. The player who wanted to do this was told that he must first make at least 25 trades. He asked to be shown where this is written. He was ordered not to be smart and threatened to block the account.
The conclusion is simple – you can’t cook porridge with Pratconi. And you can’t get your money back.

3 thoughts on “Pratconi

  1. Я тоже хочу поделиться опытом работы с Pratconi. Названивали уговаривали, я как бы и заинтересовался но сообщил что со мной они поработать не смогут так как денег нет у меня. Они же не отстали, начали уговаривать взять кредит. Я подумал, а вдруг и выйдет, заработаю отдам кредит и может жить начну лучше. Взял…Сейчас остался не с чем, а ну да как нес чем, с кредитом который нужно как то отдавать, что бы не остаться еще и без квартиры. Не верьте, очень опасно.

  2. Да я тоже попался на ловушку этих неладов. ничего в этом не понимал вот и результат. А когда очнулся было уже поздно. Компания – мошенники. Не верьте им.

  3. Pratconi – просто профессиональные кидалово. Не верьте и не видитесь на их уловки.

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