Bad reviews about PBN Markets: believe it or not

PBN Markets has surrounded itself with an air of mystery. On the website of this broker, you will not find information that traders really need. And what is, looks vague and indistinct.


Even if you go to and spend a few hours there, your time will be wasted. You can’t really learn anything. It only speaks directly about bills. There are three of them: Basic, Gold and Platinum.
And that’s all. The broker states that each of them has different conditions. But he is silent, which ones. Apparently, a trader should find out about this only after registration.
Cooperation with such a broker is full of dangers. Without knowing anything about the terms on which you will trade, it is impossible to understand whether they are profitable or even acceptable. By the way, the minimum amount of the deposit will also become known only after registration.
There is an Islamic account at PBN Markets, where they trade without swaps. It is noteworthy that there is information about him. The conditions here are surprisingly mild. Anyone can open it. Apparently, the broker doesn’t care how you trade: with or without swaps. After all, he will take your money anyway.

Loud promises

As a rule, its advantages are listed on the main page of the broker’s website. Here’s what PBN Markets has to offer:
Segregated accounts. This means that clients’ money is kept separate from company funds. But there are no details. This information cannot be verified.
No hidden fees. Nowhere is it written how much you will have to pay in order to open a deal or take what you earn.
Guaranteed withdrawal of funds. By whom? How? What do you mean at all? Unfortunately, you will never know about it.
A wide range of trading instruments. The exact amount is not specified. But judging by what the intermediary offers, these are currency and metal pairs, CFDs, stocks and futures.
On they trade in Metatrader. This will surprise no one. It is much more difficult to find a broker who has created a personal platform adapted to his services.

Another mystery

If you go to the PBN Markets website and scroll down, you can see that this broker is registered in the Marshall Islands. And the address of his office is in Bulgaria. It would seem that there is such a thing. But you won’t be able to copy data from the site for verification. You will have to open a search engine and enter them manually.
Questions are raised by the lack of license scans. Who issued them and, most importantly, when? Perhaps they don’t exist at all. After all, usually brokers who have nothing to hide, give maximum registration information about themselves in order to convince traders of their reliability.

How trades are opened and closed

PBN Markets does not consider it necessary to talk about the types of order execution. As a rule, such secrecy is a sign of “kitchen”. Because the use of technology that brings deals directly to the market is a significant competitive advantage. Brokers write about this on almost every page of the site.
The type of order execution is one of the key factors in choosing an intermediary. Because it depends on him what strategies a trader can use. The secrecy on the part of PBN Markets speaks of striving to reach the widest possible audience in order to lure out more money.

I don’t know what I suggest

If you start reading the descriptions of the instruments, you will surely be surprised when you learn that stocks are traded on the Forex market. Perhaps this is a mistake made by those who were engaged in filling the site. But it shows business savings.
The very possibility of trading stocks through such a trader already raises questions. This is usually not affordable for individuals due to high asset prices. Therefore, brokers do not offer securities, but CFDs.
Moreover, according to PBN Markets, it is possible to trade CFDs, metals and futures contracts on indices and raw materials on the Forex market. By the way, if you don’t know, Forex, that is, Foreign Exchange (foreign exchange), is a market where large companies and banks buy and sell foreign currency. Access to individuals is provided indirectly.
One conclusion suggests itself. The competence, and most importantly, the honesty of PBN Markets raises many questions.

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