Pawnshop Edinstvo

Briefly about the company

Pawnshops in Sochi – “Pawnshop Unity”: your reliable assistant in a difficult financial situation. The network of pawnshops in Sochi “Pawnshop Unity” accepts as collateral and for the sale of jewelry, gold, watches, cars, household appliances and much more. The task is to provide the client with the required amount at the highest estimate and in the shortest possible time.


  • Pledge of gold and jewelry
  • Watch deposit
  • Pawnshop
  • Real estate pledge
  • The pledge of technology

Why Lombard Unity?

  • No “slippery” points and hidden reservations in the documents
  • “Lombard Unity” in Sochi provides flexible terms of the deal with the possibility of extending the contract;
  • “Pawnshop Unity” in Sochi assesses the value of things received from customers as objectively as possible;
  • Convenient location of pawnshop offices in Sochi;
  • High appraisal of the collateral;
  • One of the lowest loan interest rates in Sochi;
  • Professionalism of pawnshop employees in Sochi;
  • Possibility of re-mortgaging property;
  • Collateral insurance at the expense of a pawnshop;
  • Confidentiality of the transaction;
  • Loyalty, honesty and professionalism of the pawnshop employees;
  • Guarantee and safety of the pledged property.
  • Consignments of goods are accepted. Conditions are negotiated separately.

Pledge conditions

  • The loan term varies from 5 days to 2 months with the right to prolong the contract. The client pays interest on the actual number of days of the loan.
  • The interest for the use of the pledge amount is determined individually for each product and depends on the results of the assessment, etc.
  • The documents required to receive the amount of money for the deposit is your identity document.
  • Early redemption is a unique opportunity by which the client can redeem the pledged item ahead of schedule. At the same time, he does not pay commissions and receives recalculation in his favor.






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