Pandao – a new source of goods from China

The Pandao online store appeared at the end of 2017. It is still developing, but it is already positioning itself as an alternative to large marketplaces offering goods from China.

The developer and owner of Pandao is the Mail.Ru Group holding. This is a completely Russian development focused on clients from the Russian Federation. Thanks to a local approach, the site can pay more attention to the quality of customer service.


The number of titles presented on Pandao exceeds several hundred thousand. You can find here:

  • Smartphones, tablets.
  • Household appliances.
  • Goods for beauty and health.
  • Products for home, hobby, garden, vegetable garden.
  • Computers, office equipment.
  • Automotive and motorcycle goods.

There are other names as well. They are divided into 22 main categories and a number of subcategories. Most of the products are accompanied by ratings and reviews (except for new ones, which appear quite often).

Convenience of shopping

You can order for “Pandao” through the browser version of the eponymous online store or the application for iOS and Android.

If you use the site, registration is not required, but before each purchase you will have to re-enter your data. Therefore, it is easier to register through social networks or by filling out a special form. Particular attention should be paid to the spelling of the name and surname: they must match the documents, otherwise the parcel will not be issued by mail.

A feature of Pandao is correct descriptions of most products. They are well translated into Russian. There are many detailed photographs to make the selection even easier.


At “Pandao” they offer to pay by credit card. Data is processed automatically, which guarantees security. You can use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay.

It is allowed to cancel an order after payment within 4 hours. After this period, it will be difficult to perform this operation.

Pandao prices are low. They compete with the largest marketplaces supplying products from China. Many sellers offer discounts: savings can be up to 90%. Since products from different manufacturers are duplicated in the online store, and not all of them want to reduce the price, it is better to study all the items of interest, and only then place an order.

Many people are interested in the quality of goods. As with any sites selling products from China, at Pandao you need to carefully read customer reviews. The reason is simple: not all sellers send a product that matches the description.

Promo codes and bonus points

Another plus of Pandao is the motivation of the target audience. They regularly distribute promotional codes that allow you to get various benefits.

You can pay for purchases with bonus points. They will be credited immediately after ordering for at least 150 rubles. This is another advantage that registration for “Pandao” gives.


The service offers refund services based on the results of disputes between sellers and recipients. If the maximum delivery time has expired, the product is of poor quality or does not match the description, you can start arbitration.

Helpful information

There is an important nuance associated with reviews. If you give your opinion, the system will automatically count the goods as delivered. Many people overlook this and write complaints, after which it is more difficult to start arbitration. Therefore, it is better to contact technical support immediately. Her staff responds very quickly.


Goods ordered on Pandao are transported on average 20-30 days, sometimes faster. But the maximum period is 75 days. Only after it has expired can a non-delivery dispute be started. Such situations are rare. Technical support deals with them quickly enough.


“Pandao” is a new online store of goods from China. It has recently started its work, but thanks to its strong support it is becoming more popular. Its advantage is its focus on buyers from the Russian Federation, so many controversial issues are resolved quickly.

Reviews about Pandao are positive and negative, which is natural for sites that act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers. Therefore, it is important to carefully select products and read reviews. It is noteworthy that many large brands cooperate with Pandao, including Meizu and Huawei.

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