We carry out projects:
Interiors of apartments, cottages, townhouses, houses, apartments.
Commercial interiors of fitness clubs, offices, boutiques, shops.
Public interiors of houses of culture, auditoriums, halls, foyers.
Landscape design of urban areas of parks, squares, suburban areas.

My job is to create author’s design projects that reflect exclusive solutions and individual characteristics. In our projects we use existing modern materials and technologies. When choosing certain materials, furniture and various elements of decoration, we are guided by world trends in style and comfort. We are official partners and dealers of companies representing well-known European brands of furniture, lighting, finishing materials. And also companies with a full cycle of production of construction and finishing materials, furniture, decor items, lighting, etc.

We interact with you at all stages of the project implementation, including field supervision. This allows you to make the necessary decisions in a timely manner so as not to slow down the process of project implementation.

In reality, the creation of a design project for any internal space should consist in specific and individual planning and setting certain tasks and rules. It just takes some time to comprehend the interior being created, to imagine how comfortable and cozy it will be, to consult with the rest of the family. The same rule applies to designers, it takes time to think over all the details and trifles, to hear what the client likes, to provide some examples of the future interior in order to better present and understand all the features of the project being created.

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