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Broker NSFX was founded in 2012 by a group of professionals and is registered in Malta. The choice of the country is not accidental, Malta belongs to the category of conservative states, where the likelihood of political and / or economic crises is low.

NSFX is regulated not only by the Maltese MFSA, but also by other European regulators (FSA, BaFin, etc.), to which the organization reports on a monthly basis.

Since the company was created by professional participants in the financial markets, the technological infrastructure was created with an understanding of the needs of traders. This is very important, since the final result of trading directly depends on the speed and accuracy of order execution.

There are three types of trading accounts available for traders:

  • Standard;
  • Professional;
  • VIP.

The most affordable option is Standard, which can be opened from $ 300. In this case, the maximum leverage will be 1: 200, and the spreads will be fixed. The Professional account operates on ECN technology and is perfect for those who like short-term trading and scalping (deposit from $ 3000).

Owners of VIP accounts can be envied in general, since they receive not only the most favorable trading conditions, but also the opportunity to discuss some parameters of their deposit with the company’s specialists. You can register a VIP with an amount of $ 10,000.

The company not only provides its brokerage services, but also takes the training of traders seriously, which is why a special training program (free) was developed. Everything is implemented in such a way that a beginner currency speculator can find out everything that is required about the market in one place, and in the most convenient form.

The broker uses the liquidity of the largest banks, such as UBS or Barclays, so that clients’ orders “find” counter positions on the market in a fraction of a second. By the way, trade on Forex by opening an account with NSFX, you can use various devices, for example, a smartphone, personal computer, laptop, tablet, etc.

Features of NSFX:

  • activity is controlled by several regulators at once (high reliability);
  • modern trading platforms;
  • high liquidity;
  • good training program.

The broker is regulated by the following regulators:

MFSA, FCA, MiFID, BaFin, ACP, Consob, CNMV

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