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What makes NPBFX Limited broker different from competitors? It’s simple. He creates such conditions, thanks to which anyone can start trading and make capital.

I’m a newbie. Leave feedback on our website.

No problem. For people like you, there is a Master account. To open it, you need only 10 euros, the same amount in dollars or half a thousand rubles. You can choose any currency, but you’d better stop at dollars. In any case, you will trade with spreads from 0.8 pips, as well as open positions from 0.01 lots without commissions for transactions and with a leverage of 1: 1000. Are you afraid you ran into the kitchen? Stay calm. In 2017 NPBFX received the Best STP Broker award. Do you know what this means? Your trades will go straight to the market with liquidity providers. And since the broker does not process them, it makes no sense for him to manipulate quotes. After all, the more you earn, the higher his income.

I have only 5 thousand dollars.

You won’t go wrong if you open an Expert account. Here: Spreads from 0.6 pips. No commissions. Trade step – 0.1 lot. Leverage – 1: 200.

I have 50 thousand dollars.

You need a VIP account. Trade with spreads from 0.4 pips, open deals with a volume of 1 lot or more, use a 1: 200 leverage.

What do all these accounts have in common

It doesn’t matter how much money you have. Everyone who registers at gets access to 42 trading tools. 38 of them are currency pairs. The rest are CFDs of precious metals, natural gas, black gold. Accounts are opened in three currencies: euros, rubles or dollars. Trades are executed through Market Execution and Instant Execution. This means that slippage will be minimal. NEFTEPROMBANKFX offers scalping and HFT. Moreover, he welcomes these strategies, because they will help you earn more. That is, to him too. The broker also removed commissions for transactions. And this is very popular with those who open many short positions.

I want to automate trading

Then you have two options: Use personal advisors Connect RoboX strategies The first is suitable for those who know how to compose algorithms and are well versed in the market. What is RoboX? It is a ready-made, constantly evolving automated trading service. You need to: Log into your “Personal Account” at Open a signal account RoboX. Top up. Choose a suitable strategy. In six months, your profit can reach 136% with a possible drawdown of 19.1%. In fact, automated trading becomes a source of passive income for those who do not have time, but want to make money.

Legal plagiarism

NPBFX Limited gives access to ZuluTrade. This platform brings together thousands of traders from all over the world. Using sophisticated algorithms, it generates lists of the best in terms of profitability, efficiency, trading frequency and other characteristics. What does it give you? The ability to copy the trades of the highest performing players to your account in real time. Don’t be alarmed. You don’t have to give your hard-earned money to a stranger, even if he is very good at trading. They will remain on your deposit. You will be able to choose for yourself how much the one you have chosen will dispose of and withdraw the earned when you want.

I’m tired of swaps

Do you like trades that last for several days, but hate being charged to move a position overnight? Apply to open a Swap free account. Trade 32 currency pairs on standard terms with no additional fees or charges.

Questions you will definitely want to ask. Reviews will help you find answers to many questions.

We will answer the most relevant ones.

What is NPBFX Limited trading platform?

MetaTrader 4. It is perfect for PCs, smartphones and tablets running different operating systems.

What is the commission for deposits and withdrawals

She’s gone. The exception is bank transfers. But the money is taken by the bank, not the broker.

What means of payment can be used to replenish and withdraw profit

Credit, deposit cards Visa, Maestro, Mastercard. WM, QIWI, Neteller, Skrill, Yandex.Money. Bank transfers. Whether or not to work with NPBFX is up to you. And not from reviews, but from my own experience. After all, you only need $ 10 to start.

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  1. долго тут отзывы не появлялись, видимо ничего не происходило, а у меня вот «НПБФХ» Брокер слил 20 000$. вот так вот всего доброго всем. а «НПБФХ» Брокер желаю найти тех людей, которые посадят вас за решотку.

  2. Тестировал на 15 минутке тут сеточного советника с августа. В начале все шло как по маслу, я даже особо не вникал обычно это ситуация стандартная. Ожидал сбои к сентябрю уже, но не тут то было – все шло ровно, никаких тебе скольжений или задержек, показатели в журнале терминала отличные. Не придерешься даже если захочешь короче. На дворе уже октябрь а робот мой как пахал на 5, так и пашет, профит лопатой собирает)) В планах продолжать работу с нпбфх по такому же принципу до начала зимы и если все будет ок, то дольюсь, чтобы на праздники уже с профитом нормальным быть.

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