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Our company started its work at the beginning of the 21st century under the guidance of experts and professionals working in the global financial markets with experience in the FOREX market and online trading. Our company holds a prestigious license that certifies that you are trading with a regulated and verified company. This gives you extraordinary advantages when working with our company.

The trading conditions of MRT Markets are quite good compared to the competition. We can offer tight fixed spreads, comfortable leverage, multilingual customer support, 24/7 consultation and much more. Thanks to the transparency of our financial policy, clients always understand what they are doing in a given situation.

You can use the many materials provided on our website, as well as request additional tutorials from your personal advisor. Convenient and modern trading platforms allow you to trade from any device. Client support will help in resolving any issue, from recommendations on proper risk management to the provision of trading robots.

Our clients chose us for the guarantee of the quality of the service we provide, confirmed by the presence of a license from an international regulator.

Categories of institutional and professional investors:

  • i. IR FSP,
  • ii. legal entities associated with a member of the Fund and belonging to the same group of companies,
  • iii. banks,
  • iv. cooperative credit institutions,
  • v. Insurance companies,
  • vi. collective investment organizations dealing with transferable securities and their management companies,
  • vii. social insurance institutions and funds,
  • viii. investors who, at their request, were characterized as professionals,

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