The Children’s Period Park is a second cozy home for your child 🙂 You can leave your baby with peace of mind and we will play together and look after him! Safety, health and comfortable development are the main priorities in our work! In our center, kids develop intellectually and physically: they learn to swim in the pool, improve their health in a real salt cave, sit on the splits in rhythmic gymnastics classes, do push-ups in sambo, learn to create interesting crafts at creative master classes! And we also arrange funny birthdays with the invitation of all friends from the yard and neighbors 😉! In game mechanics, we study English with a native speaker, prepare for school together, and spend the summer together with an interesting summer camp program, where we will definitely feed the sturdy guys!

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  1. Ходим с дочкой вНам очень нравиться. Чадо бежит с удовольствием.

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