MetLife, Inc., short for Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Inc. – leading international holding in the field insurance and pension provision. MetLife provides clients with a wide range of life and health insurance and retirement products and services through a network of subsidiaries and branches, partner banks and channels. direct marketing.

MetLifeoccupies a leading position in the markets USAJapanLatin AmericaAsia PacificEurope and Middle East.

The list of MetLife insurance programs:

  • Life insurance
  • Pension security
  • From accidents
  • From dangerous diseases

The company recently developed an insurance program specifically for women. It consists in comprehensive insurance coverage against illness and maintaining decent living conditions for the family for the period of illness of the insured. In addition to the above, the company is developing other special programs and insurance offers.

The client can pay for insurance services of MetLife online or through branches of partner banks.


Corporate programs include insurance against illness and accident. Currently, large companies practice employee insurance, which significantly increases their loyalty to the company, reduces the risk of unplanned expenses in the event of an employee’s illness, and is also a significant tool for social incentives for qualified personnel.

Corporate insurance from MetLife is insurance coverage for:

  • Surgical intervention
  • Disabilities
  • Critical illnesses
  • Personal injury
  • Lethal outcome


On the MetLife website, in the Customer Support section, information is collected for clients that will allow them to familiarize themselves with the insurance conditions in more detail, find out the bank details of the company, a list of partner banks, clinics with which MetLife has partnership agreements.

In this section, the client can familiarize himself with the rules for the use of personal data that he communicates to the insurer.

Among the important and useful information, this section simply and clearly explains which of the insured can count on a tax rebate and which insurance contract can be qualified as a long-term life insurance contract.

For urgent communication with a representative of the company, the Hot Line telephone number 0-800-305-301 is available. Phone calls are free if made from a landline phone. Calls are accepted daily from 8 a.m. until 20:00, on Friday from 8:00. until 17-30 hours. Saturday and Sunday are days off.

The company’s website does not have a separate section with customer reviews. Communication with representatives of the company is carried out via e-mail or by telephone.

Customer reviews of MetLife on external information platforms vary in color from enthusiastic and grateful to angry and indignant. Some messages go with a note that the company’s activities are “a scam and a pyramid”. However, the company remains the leader in life insurance.

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