Mahates is one of the most technically advanced cryptocurrency wallets. The company works with a wide range of the most popular cryptocurrencies, providing customers with a decent quality of service with acceptable conditions.

Technical breakthrough

As of the end of 2020, Mahates’ greatest achievement is the development and implementation of the unique Secured cloud marker CM-25 system on its own platform. The system implements a number of revolutionary technologies in the field of cryptography, allowing for forwarding and refunding cryptocurrency transactions while maintaining the anonymity of all participants in the transaction.
The development of Mahates is very important for the development of the cryptocurrency sphere, as it solves one of the most important problems – the presence of scammers. A distinctive feature of the current influx of scammers is that if earlier scammers were hiding under the guise of an element of cryptocurrency infrastructure, exchange, wallet, etc., now many crooks appear as a seller who is ready to supply a customer with a product or service for cryptocurrency. What is the problem here? The fact is that in the case of a cryptocurrency exchange or a wallet, we are talking, firstly, about quite significant amounts, and secondly, about companies with which a person plans to cooperate for a long time. As a result, the institution of reputation was formed rather quickly, which gave the scammers overboard in a completely natural way. In the field of online commerce, this tool unfortunately does not work, we are talking about smaller amounts, often the client does not plan to cooperate with the company again in the near future (no one buys a washing machine weekly, for example), many purchases are made spontaneously. This is what numerous scammers use.

Mahates keeps secret all technical details of the “Secured cloud marker CM-25” system. According to the published information, the system works by fixing the chain hash and the subsequent creation of new “links” with the help of which the possibility of returning or redirecting the cryptocurrency is realized. In addition, there are unverified reports that within the framework of the “Secured cloud marker CM-25” system, it is possible to carry out transactions without displaying them in the blockchain at all. Some principles of barter are used, although as already mentioned the data is not officially confirmed by Mahates. According to the reviews about “Secured cloud marker CM-25” it is only clear that the system works in one way or another.

Mahates reputation

Despite the fact that Mahates was created relatively recently, the cryptocurrency wallet has already received well-deserved recognition. First of all, the company is known for its technical know-how and has an excellent reputation in the expert environment. The exclusivity of the latest Mahates novelty, the Secured cloud marker CM-25 system, will allow the cryptocurrency wallet to significantly expand its client base and strengthen its reputation among ordinary cryptocurrency users.

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