We are the official representatives of Jovani, Tarik Ediz, Terani Couture, Brillianni, Alyce Paris and other brands in Russia! The originality of our evening and wedding collections is guaranteed! Salon “Madam Shiko” is a large official dealer of the Jovani brand with a maximum seven-star rating in the Russian Federation! Salon “Madam Shiko” on Novoslobodskaya offers an exclusive brand in Russia and Moscow – ALYCE PARIS! These chic and stylish outfits are made in America and can only be purchased at Madame Chicot! And most importantly, by visiting our hospitable boutiques, you will always feel as comfortable as possible! After all, “Madame Chicot” is not only a cozy atmosphere and a cup of hot aromatic coffee, but also professional consultants who will gladly open our world of beauty and luxury to you! We are waiting for your visit!

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