What is LLC «LTA GROUP» Kursk

LTA Group Trading Academy performs several tasks at once:
Teaches beginners.
Finds new clients for partner brokers.
Promotes the development of trading skills.
At first glance, all is well. But if you read the reviews, you get a different impression. Some are satisfied with the quality of the services provided. Others, on the contrary. It turns out that they listened to the recommendations of the LTA Group experts and lost a lot of money. And the third barely fought off the loan.
There are many opinions. Therefore, we decided to abstract and conduct an impartial investigation.


On the website lta.center you can order:
Basic excursion. 10 lessons of 45 minutes for 3 thousand rubles.
One lesson with an exchange analyst on a chosen topic for 3 thousand rubles.
Capital management course. 10 lessons of 60 minutes for 30 thousand rubles.
As soon as you complete the course “capital management”, “LTA Group” will consider you an accomplished trader. Therefore, he will immediately offer to trade for money. And here we have the first questions:
What does this organization take money for? All information provided to her is basic. You can find it in the public domain, study it, and then practice it in a demo account.
What are the qualifications of the teachers? After all, they do not show their diplomas.
How can you get decent knowledge in 10 lessons?
Judging by the reviews about LTA Group, you can cooperate with this organization only if you are too lazy to independently search for information, and then sort it out. But think about it: if you do not want to make an effort at this stage, can you make money trading? After all, in order to succeed, you need to constantly be in good shape and improve.

They do not look at a given horse’s teeth

Apparently, paid courses have never brought profit to LTA GROUP LLC. So the company decided to tackle telephone spam. She finds numbers in ads and terrorizes people with calls. Those who managed to get through are not given details. They just report that they won 25 thousand rubles. To find out more, you need to visit the office. There, it turns out: this money will pay for education.
In reviews about LTA GROUP, the question is often asked: “Why should this company offer for free what brings it the main income?”. It’s simple. When you are told about the basics, you will feel that trading is easy. Therefore, be happy to register on the website of the broker who is recommended to you. And LTA Group will receive a percentage of your deposit no matter how well you trade.
So, you’ve signed up, deposited your account and made several deals. But they failed, so you are left with nothing. No wonder. Trading is tricky. To be profitable, you need to constantly practice for several years. Otherwise, everyone would have left work long ago and traded on stock exchanges.
So, you have lost money. LTA GROUP LLC will reappear on the horizon very soon. They will begin to console you and will certainly offer help. For example, ready-made investment portfolios and trust management. If you agree, you will be hooked. You will be continuously “milked”, throwing a couple of percent of your income.

Paid analytics

Want to play it safe? Then order in LTA Group what normal brokers offer for free:
Up-to-date market analytics.
Market signals for 2-5 instruments.
For 30-50 thousand rubles. a personal investment portfolio will be developed for you for a period of 30 to 60 days. The company will give some information about promising assets, but will not be held responsible for the consequences. And if you make money and come back for a forecast for the next couple of months, you will be charged another 30-50 thousand rubles. But do not even hope for compensation, having lost money because of it.

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