Who has not heard today about how you can make money on the Internet using trading on stock exchanges. Advanced users can naturally successfully try this type of earnings themselves. However, the majority of users have only hearsay of such operations. Accordingly, gullible users do not understand that if you entrust your money to a stock broker, you can be left not only without profit, but also part with your money forever.
Faced with such a nuisance, people rush to find ways to return the money they have lost fraudulently. This is where the next swindlers appear on the scene, ready to play on sympathy and trust. We are talking about pseudo lawyers who are ready to help return the appropriated amounts from unscrupulous stock brokers for a nominal fee. Who are they – fighters for justice, and what methods do they use?
Everywhere you look, some swindlers
Everything related to earnings in online exchange trading is mainly associated with the actions of fraudsters. Naturally, a person who himself took part in such scams can also recognize the actions of swindlers. This point of view was also guided by Mr. Pushin, who decided to organize a legal structure that allegedly deals with the return of money, which was taken by unscrupulous stock brokers.
Consequently, the motives that prompted Pushin to create the law firm “Aegida” looked quite euphonious and decent. Moreover, this person declares that “Aegis” guarantees 100% the return of funds. Where such confidence? Only those who know the methods and manner of behavior of swindlers can reason like this. As it turned out, Andrey Dmitrievich Pushin is well aware of the actions of the swindlers. It turned out that this gentleman, when he was the manager of the Teletrade stock broker, himself participated in scams in the financial markets. The sphere of his interests directly included the campaigning of citizens wishing to receive income from exchange trading. There is information about this in the article on the change.org pages.
Now it becomes clear why Pushin created the legal office “Aegis”, and what methods will be used in its activities. For a better idea of ​​what legal assistance from “Aegis” is, just look at the website of this organization. The first impression is that we are dealing with scammers who, under a plausible pretext, are trying to breed users for money.
It is not a fact that the slogan runs through the entire site that with the help of the “aegis” lawyers, citizens can get their money back, becoming a victim of deception by stock brokers. The site contains allegedly the most real and effective instructions for returning money. The calculation is accurate. An ignorant person will happily seize on such an offer, neither by sleep, nor by spirit, not suspecting that he is being dragged into another scam. For everything about everything, you only need to provide your mobile phone number.

Upon detailed acquaintance with the instructions, one gets the impression that they are trying to sell us candy in a beautiful wrapper. There is not a single specific argument or fact in the instructions. There are no references to the regulatory framework, there is not a single copy of the forms required to start a money-back case. The entire text of the instruction is filled with general phrases, no specifics. This can be regarded as a successful advertising move aimed at attracting new customers.
Good. So be it. But how much does it cost? Having provided their phone, the user does not notice how he becomes another toy in the hands of swindlers. The client is expertly handled by professional swindlers, convincing him of the need to contact the office and use the services of lawyers. For all this you need to pay a certain amount. Whether these costs will be recouped is a question that hangs in the air.
As for the entire site as a whole, how its other sections look, there is a lot of interesting information here.

For example, a screenshot that shows ways to attract customers looks strange. The main method of expanding the client base is the referral program. Do law firms work this way? Active spamming is not what you need to advertise legal services. The lawyer is characterized by the cases and proceedings won. This requires a lot of time, a huge amount of information material. In such a situation, is there time to service an extensive agent network?
Consequently, the pseudo lawyers from “Egida” did not spend a single day on legal practice on the return of money. All their legal work is the creation of a website and a total proclamation of their activities. Except for the website about the real work of the representatives of the law firm “Egida” there is no information anywhere.
Situation “Aegis” on charge-backer.ru reviews
In addition to the website of the office, which does not shine with truthful and constructive information, there are also reviews, the content of which can really mislead the naive and ignorant user at first.

The screenshot shows that Pushin and his office have been bravely fighting swindlers for 4 years already. In fact, the date of creation of the law firm “Aegida” is September 6, 2018. See for yourself:
If you look at the date when the file archive was created, an interesting picture emerges. The office is 2 days old from the moment the official website of “Aegis” appeared. If a lie already begins here, then what kind of decency of a law firm can we talk about? Further more. If, according to Pushin and K˚, they have been working in this area for four years, why is there not a word in the documents about the cases won? A naked zero flaunts in the corresponding column.
So be it. You can close your eyes to this discrepancy and imagine that we are dealing with a clever marketing ploy. The main thing in the work of the new office is to present oneself beautifully to the public. But what about information that is openly riddled with lies. On the website you can see that the “Aegis” office has no end of clients. 450 people resort to the services of this firm’s lawyers every month. Incredibly many. This figure will be a wonder even for reputable firms and companies engaged in legal activities.
With so many customers, the network must be filled with numerous reviews. What can better characterize the work of a lawyer, of course, is the client’s feedback on the really won cases. What we really see. There are only a few reviews written in the brightest and most laudatory tones. For example:

This is all we have today. There are simply no new reviews, and this is despite the number of clients who, according to the information from the site, simply besiege the “Aegis”.
But in another aspect, reviews of the work of a law firm appear regularly. We are talking about the scribbling that appears on the resources that expose the real cases of swindlers. As soon as there is critical information about the “aegis”, grateful responses from supposedly grateful and happy clients immediately appear in defense of the project.
The responses say that the representatives of the law firm are “real lawyers who know their business”, that they are the most “honest and conscientious people.” You often read that Aegis lawyers simply became the only salvation for desperate people.
There are typical stamped phrases and dyferrambs, apparently written in the same hand. The authors of the reviews do not answer questions from the site administration. There is also no reaction to questions from curious users. The site administration warns that we are dealing with custom reviews written by obviously trolls. It makes no sense to take these reviews seriously.
Who is behind the euphonious name “Aegis”?
And now it will go directly to the people who represent the legal office “Aegis”. The first and most important person is Andrey V. Pushin. But who is this in the photo in the screenshot? All the same Pushin A.D. only still as a manager of the Teletrade stock broker.

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