I purchased and installed frameless soundproofing. After studying the video instructions, as well as the one that the employees attached to the materials, and the process of working in consultation with your specialists, the sound insulation was installed.
When all the work was completed (putty, painting, parquet), bulges began to appear massively on the walls.
Those screws that were offered to us began to get out of the sound insulation.
This is the second letter, after the first one an engineer called me, but refused to come and inspect. Everyone is trying to find out what we did wrong, but we followed your recommendations very closely.
Moreover, my foreman immediately expressed doubt that the gypsum plasterboard would be kept in a cardboard with sand, but I was assured that it would.
Today we are fastening everything with self-tapping screws, since it became clear that you cannot wait and one day everything will collapse.
I believe that at least I should be reimbursed for the cost of materials, since this is wasted money and time.
They refused to send me an expert, they are trying to find out what I did wrong, then wet, then they did not screw up, then they did not emphasize, they did not even give an official answer and did not even call, The first letter was answered with a call, and then in the chat what was answered and send me a photo. In my opinion, they are simply trying in every possible way to disown this case. I am sure that the technology is not thought out, As a 3.8 mm self-tapping screw can hold a 22mm panel, and 12mm drywall. In this case, the panel is just cardboard filled with sand.

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