How will kick you

LifeOk was born quite recently – November 1, 2018, and has already collected tons of negative reviews. It’s strange why? After all, she will accept, warm, give money for trading, and also allow you to take most of the profit. And if suddenly you want to earn more, he will offer you to get the “Pro” status.
If you work hard and long, you will receive bonuses. All that is required of you is to go to every day, trade and regularly bring referrals.

What about withdrawing money

The rules are simple:
Withdrawal from $ 100
At least $ 100 must remain on the account. This is supposedly necessary to continue trading.
Applications are processed from the 26th to the 30th day of each month.
But in the reviews about LifeOk, they are interested in where the information about commissions and other fees is.

What will upset you

Advertising. It is a shaft here. It appears even during trading. And you can’t get rid of it. The ban on blocking can be found in the “Terms and Conditions” section. Everyone who is registered automatically agrees with him.
Otherwise, everything is very good. And so much so that I can’t believe it. And rightly so. Indeed, judging by the reviews, LifeOk threw.

The first unique affiliate program

These are nothing more than loud words that mean nothing. In fact, we have before us another copy of the famous scams and They looked identical. Only the names were different. Moreover, they appeared like mushrooms after rain, but after a couple of months they disappeared due to a wave of negativity in their address.
Reviews say will suffer the same fate. But nothing. After all, the scheme has been worked out to the smallest detail. The office will change its name and again begin to lure lovers of freebies.

Registration data gaps

Only the office address is listed on the LifeOk website. It turns out he is in the UK. We’ll have to be content with this, because there is no mention of registration information and license number, which gives the right to provide brokerage services.
The lack of data is not surprising. A rare review of LifeOk is complete without assurances that there is no such office in sight.

Oddities on the site

The first thing you pay attention to is an SSL certificate. Naturally, it does not exist. Therefore, any data exchange is not protected from interception by third parties. It is understandable. Certification costs money, and LifeOk doesn’t plan to work for long. At least under the current name.
By the way, the site of this sharashka is located on the St. Petersburg server in the Russian domain zone. It is owned by a private person. This resourceful businessman is called Nikolaj Kutnyak.

Can I withdraw money

LifeOk reviews ooze with anger. Still would. After all, those who fell for the bait of this scammer could not withdraw their honestly “earned” thousands of dollars. They naively believed that they could get rich without investing a dime. And they were very disappointed.
Of course, there weren’t really any deals. Each dollar is nothing more than a painted figure. Therefore, there is nothing to display.
But LifeOk’s divorce looks pretty. He cannot even be caught in fraud, because he did not steal anyone’s money. We can say that his clients just practiced on a demo account. After all, they also trade there, but do not receive income.

What is the benefit

Let’s leave the gullible greedy people alone and try to understand why all this parsley at all. Each registered client watches tons of advertisements, wanders around casino sites and others like them. And LifeOk gets money.
But don’t think this is a harmless scam. Based on the reviews, all registered users receive a lot, very, very much spam. And what, after all, they themselves, voluntarily gave the scammers their email addresses. So why not take advantage of this?

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