Surely you have come across such life circumstances as renovation, choosing a gift for a loved one, organizing a holiday. Each of these circumstances is characterized by little things – a cute figurine or vase on a shelf brings harmony to the interior, dishes are tastefully selected and presented, pleases the hostess, and a decorative cage and openwork candlesticks are the best decoration for a wedding celebration.

Quite often, simultaneously with joy, the search and selection of such little things bring a lot of trouble into our life, although in most cases they are pleasant.

Being in love with the French province and once faced with a painful search for decor for an apartment, we decided to open our own online store, where you are now.

We have tried to present the widest possible assortment of decor items in the Provence style so that you can purchase exactly the thing you were looking for.

All presented goods are in stock, as we have our own warehouse. This allows us to offer the best prices for home accessories.

Each item is selected with awe and love. At the same time, we do not forget about quality and only work with trusted manufacturers.

Dishes, candlesticks, glasses, figurines, photo frames – this is just a small part of what you can buy from us! Natural materials, aging, delicate colors will add coziness to your home and make it a place where you will certainly want to return in the evenings.

And of course, as you might have noticed from the name, lavender decor occupies a special place in our catalog. We present both bouquets and pots with artificial lavender, as well as clocks, textiles, candles, vases with the image of this flower, because it is an integral part of the Provence style.

By visiting our store, you will touch the sunny Provence, and we will delight you with bonuses and the best prices!

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