Koya Trading – comprehensive service for traders and private investors

It is convenient to work with KOYA Trading for those who want to make a profit: active from speculative trading or passive from investments. Clients of this broker can choose trust and advisory management, foreign exchange investing, create an investment portfolio or order premium services. And also – open an account in several currencies with a deposit program that brings up to 12% per annum on the balance of funds.


This service is in demand by those whose goal is to receive passive income. It works like this: you transfer control of your account to a trader with more than 5 years of experience. The list of candidates is available at koya-trading.com/ru. The following will help you make the right choice:
The number of deals to be made. See how many have been successful.
Profitability indicators for 30 and 365 days.
The number of financial instruments the trader specializes in.
Service fee.
By choosing trust management, you can earn 40-60% more than with independent trading. The size of the commission varies based on the volume of investments, tactics, trading preferences and other factors. Unlike the classic trust management, you have the right to change the manager, you can quickly resolve emerging issues. For example, urgently withdraw profit.

Consulting management

This service is designed for traders who plan to trade CFDs. What conditions does KOYA Trading offer:
More than a hundred instruments: CFDs of shares, raw materials (agricultural products, metals, energy).
Hedging support.
Leverage of support with borrowed funds – up to 1 in 200 with the possibility of reducing to 1 to 1 to minimize risks in high-value periods.
Order execution in less than a second thanks to TIE and NDD protocol.
Lack of “hairpins” when automatically switching between liquidity providers.
A personal broker providing information on signals and trends.
CFDs are suitable for short and medium term trades. You can earn money in any direction of the asset quotes from which the contract for the difference in price was made, which expands the possibilities of trading.

Foreign exchange investment

Koya Trading gives access to the most popular currency and cryptocurrency pairs. There are over 100 high volatility instruments. They allow you to profit from trades, the duration of which varies from seconds to weeks.
The broker offers to trade with a leverage of 1 to 25, does not limit the choice of strategies and tactics. It also provides additional risk control tools: take profit, stop loss. To get acquainted with the tools without fear of going into the red, you can practice on a trading simulator (demo account).

Investment portfolio formation

An investment plan with a list of optimal assets allows you to better manage capital and achieve stable profit. KOYA Trading offers only diversified packages made up of instruments of different liquidity to compensate for losses in one direction with profits on the rest.
You can choose from 3 ready-made portfolios: conservative, balanced or aggressive. The first one is characterized by high stability and moderate profitability. The second one brings average profit. The third has the highest risks, but the maximum increase in investment.
KOYA Trading experts develop individual deposit plans. These can include thematic assets (such as heavy industry related tools) or other customer requirements.

Premium services

They are designed for the wealthiest investors. They offer joint investment in promising projects in the fields of real estate, Internet business, services, agriculture, information technology. The company’s specialists carefully analyze each option in order to reduce risks to a minimum.

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  1. хотелось бы узнать по подробнее, в чем заключается негативный опыт? у меня сейчас с ними открыт счет с кредитным лимитом, подошло время вносить деньги, но после множества отзывов о мошенничестве, страшно потерять деньги.

    1. Опыт заключается в том, что они сливают ваши деньги! и потом говорят что мы сами в этом виноваты. И еще что бы спасти наши деньги они потребуют с вас еще кучу денег, что бы открыть лучшие позиции и заработать еще больше! Это все развод! Бегите от них подальше!

  2. очередные форекс мошенники в России!!! никогда им не верьте, действуют по одному и тому же слаженной програме! даже если они обещают вам заработок не ведитесь на эти уговоры! они хотят только лишь одного! забрать у вас кучу денег и исчезнуть! и мы им сделать ничего не сможем! Я уже это все проходил и все это знаю! менеджер Захар из KOYA Trading тоже мошенник!

  3. разве вы не видите, что это мошенники? отзывы все купленые и написаны под копирку, всем все нравится, всех все устраивает. аж противно все это ! мало того что мошенники, так еще и людям высказаться не дают! койя трейдинг это мошенники!

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